championship Race Results 2014

DERBY RAMATHON – SUNDAY 8TH JUNE (Championship race)

Wow what a hot day for the Ramathon and what a turn out! 54 Shelton Striders ran the half marathon on a scorching hot day! A fantastic day with fantastic results all round. In chip time order:-

Sam Pearch         7th          1.16.10

James Walker      8th           1.17.16

Chris Millett         14th          1.20.29

Martin Kerr          15th          1.20.42

Kenny Malton      22nd         1.21.56

Rob Donald                          1.25.59

Patrick Munro                       1.26.49

Gareth Brown                       1.28.43

Ian Crompton                       1.30.14

Christopher Sexton               1.31.13

Stephen Pezzutti                   1.31.42

Jonathan Bainbridge              1.34.57

James Cunningham               1.35.51

Matthew West                      1.35.52

Neil Hancock                         1.37.29

Andy Bradley                         1.37.48

Pascale Holden                      1.37.51     1st Shelton Lady

Darren Sheppard                   1.38.28

Marcel Darling                        1.39.26     Pacer 1.40

Ludovic Floch                        1.39.37

Ian Bell                                  1.40.32

Elaine Quince                         1.40.47    2nd Shelton Lady

Roy Hobson                          1.41.12

Mark Smith                           1.41.56

Rachel Farrow                       1.43.47    3rd Shelton Lady

Luke Stevenson                    1.43.51

Ciaran Guilfoyle                      1.46.14

Kevin Milwain                         1.48.50

Wayne Stevenson                  1.49.33      Pacer 1.50

Steven Baxter                        1.53.56    PB

Julie Stevenson                      1.55.21

Neil Rigby                               2.00.33      Pacer 2.00

Darren Bradley                        2.00.33     Pacer 2.00

Stephen Wells                        2.01.04

Rebecca Emerton                   2.01.09

Christine Purslow                    2.02.59

David Keegan                         2.04.27

Christine Donald                     2.05.10

Louise Surgay                        2.06.17

Lee Meakin                            2.08.30       Pacer 2.10

David Nunn                             2.08..29

Hayley-Dawn Ho                      209.01

Vicki Hutchinson                      2.09.22

Jennifer Nix                             2.09.31

Silke Krieger-Ford                    2.09.50

Margaret Cowling                    2.16.05

Allan Barber                            2.19.15

Dawn Tomlinson                     2.23.29

Bev Baxter                              2.31.41

Gloria Jervis                            2.32.08

Catherine Pearch                     2.33.05

Lindsey Buckley                       2.36.37

Jordan Lewis                           2.47.09         1st half marathon!

Fiona Cordon                          2.51.06

Amanda Lewis                         2.51.06



1489 Runners in total. Well Done!




Four striders entered this 4.4 mile race with 102 finishing in total.


First back and 27th overall was Andy Bradley in 29.46, 63rd was David Askew in 32.14, 84th was Alistair Boyd in 34.33 and “I run everywhere” Dave Keegan came 86th in 35.48.


Well done all!!



Three shelton striders completed the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday and due to the organisers bizarrely refusing to publish results (apparently due to them saying they are private and confidential!!), I thought I’d share our results with you.

Rachel Farrow 3:49:56
Louise Surgay 4:19:19
Steve Emerton 3:11:53

Thanks Steve Emerton for sharing these results with us! Great results. Well done guys!



Eight striders went to Buxton on a miserable rainy day to tackle this tough half marathon course. First in for the striders was Sam Amps in 1.33.22, brilliant performance, second in and knocking 7 minutes off last years time was Luke Stevenson in 1.40.53. Pascale Holden was 5th lady overall and third back for shelton (also knocking 6 minutes off last year) in 1.41.58 (trophy and a bottle of wine!!!), Wayne Stevenson knocked 21 minutes off last years time (no hangover!) and came in shortly after Pas in 1.43.44. Paul Brunt back from injury completed in 1.45.10. Steve Baxter made his debut in his first competitive half marathon and nailed it in 1.56.05 (a tough first half marathon) followed in by Julie Stevenson in 1.56.43 (1st v45 lady – trophy & a bottle of wine) and last but definitely not least was Dave Keegan in 2.05.11! Well done everyone!


Eyam Half Marathon – 18th May Sunday

As most of the club were sunning themselves at Eyam on the Youth Hostel weekend, four striders decided to enter the Eyam Half Marathon. The views were stunning, the hills were torturous and the weather was slightly warm but the support at 4 miles (obviously a pub…) was absolutely fantastic…Dave Nunn and crew! Pas Holden decided that running miles and miles the days previously with the gang was not enough and still powered to the finish in a fab time of 1.48.16, followed by Kev Millwain in 1.59.25, Julie Stevenson in 2.02.34 and Christine Purslow in 2.10.40 (knocked a minute off last years time).


A HUGE thanks to the Shelton Youth Hostel fan club at mile 4….it was fantastic to run through that cheering and clapping…what a feeling! Thanks you guys…you were awesome!!


Burton 10 – Sunday 18th May

On a beautiful hot sunny Sunday, four striders made their way to Burton and ran the Burton 10! Martin Kerr was on form again being first in for the blue and white stripes in a time of 1.02.18 and coming 10th overall….followed by

Ciaran Guilfoyle in 1.16.46

Brian Thomas in 1.19.03

Donald Robey in 2.02.16


Well done guys….it was too hot to run but you all did great!


Wymeswold Waddle – Championship Race – 11th May

9 Shelton Striders entered this championship race on a wet and windy day. In order of finishing and first for the club was:

Martin Kerr               27.59 6th overall

Kenny Malton           28.33 8th

Marcel Darling           30.47

Gareth Brown           31.30

Matthew West          33.59

Ciaran Guilfoyle         35.14

Brian Thomas            35.46

Margaret Cowling       50.36

Steve Aynsley            55.29


Well done guys! Great results!