The annual club handicap competition is programmed to run from April to September with 7 events taking place on weekday evenings at venues around the Derby and South Derbyshire area. There are 4-mile and 2-mile categories to choose from and these are run simultaneously at each event. They are open to all club Members.

Each runner has a handicap time (First timers are asked for an estimate which is then adjusted after their first event). The first event (traditionally along the tow path) is a mass start but in subsequent races runners are sent off according to their handicap. If their time after the event is faster than previous events then their handicap is reduced – if it’s slower then it remains unchanged. In calculating the results everyone is ranked against their handicap time difference (either + or -). The best gets most points and it is then scored downwards. At the end of the season each runner’s 5 best scores are used to calculate the winner. So you only have yourself to beat!

Please contact Liz & Paul Phillips for further information.