• Road Championship

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    2019 road racing championship includes a variety of distances with the intention of challenging members to both increase their distance and focus on shorter, faster paced races. Races start from 5k which can be focused on weekly and go up to spring and autumn marathon events. Club trips to Malaga, London, Liverpool and Rutland are included. All run derby races are included so we can maintain our position as the best running club in Derby. Mostly local races to encourage our non competitive members to support their runners, and make racing more family friendly. Runners have been split into categories so you can see who you’re up against, and the tables will be updated after each event. Have fun and I’ll see you out there.

    Lee Meakin

    Previous Championship and Fun Run Points Tables:

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    Results 2017 (Dave Denton 1 Mile Series)

    Results 2016 (Dave Denton 1 Mile Series)

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    Previous Winners

    Men Year Women
    Martin Kerr 2018 Liz Phillips
    Matthew Henning 2017 Liz Phillips
    Martin Kerr 2016 Pascale Holden
    Martin Kerr 2015 Pascale Holden
    Sam Pearch 2014 Pascale Holden
    Martin Kerr 2013 Pascale Holden
    Sam Pearch 2012 Pascale Holden
    Sam Pearch 2011 Pascale Holden
    James Walker 2010 Judith Marriott
    James Walker 2009 Caroline Sutton
    James Walker 2008 Cathy Clifford
    Steve Gentle 2007 Cathy Clifford
    James Walker 2006 Helen McCarrick
    Dave Thornton 2005 Helen McCarrick
    Mark Smith 2004 Helen McCarrick
    Dave Thornton 2003 Carolyn Lee
    Roger Booth 2002 Davina Harrison
    Alan Barnett 2001 Sandra Butcher
    Alan Barnett 2000 Dinal Mowbey
    Alan Barnett 1999 . Wendy Rothenbaugh .
    Alan Barnett 1998 Alison Read
    Justin Reeson 1997 Audrey Reeson
    Justin Reeson 1996 Alison Read
    Justin Reeson 1995 Ruth Cook
    Justin Reeson 1994 Maureen Betts
    Justin Reeson 1993 Maureen Betts
    Justin Reeson 1992 Annie Carrington
    Justin Reeson 1991 J.Hannah
    Ian Carter 1990 Jane Hannah
    Ian Carter 1989 Jane Hannah
    . Ray McCDonald . 1988 Pat Parker
    Dave Hancock 1987 N/A
    Phil May 1986 N/A
    Phil May 1985 N/A
    Phil May 1984 N/A