Rules and Scoring

– The best 7 scores will be counted – you must complete 4 events to qualify for an award

– Runners should have registered as Shelton Striders for the event – as this will be how we identify them in the results

– Runners are responsible for confirming they are in the results and their results are included in the table

– Runners should be wearing Club colours (or charity vest/shirt if they choose) – not suggesting we are specifically checking this but good to re-enforce

– Runners must be a club member in the 2023/24 year – this will be verified at the end of the year and scores recalculated if not

– Points will be allocated based on 50 for the mid place runner (lower goes down, higher goes up). Where there are even numbers the lower of the mid place (ie. person 5 of 8) will be awarded 50 points.

– Any marathon will score 50 points

– Age categories are based on age on 1st January

– You need to be a Full/competitive NOT social member (so consider this when the renewals come out in April) Social member or Full member? – Shelton Striders Running Club – Derby

2023 Specific

– There are 21 different races (some on the same day but different distances) as well as the marathon up for grabs

– Anyone taking part in either of the ‘away’ events at B’ham or Solihull will get a 10 point bonus (this is to encourage a good club turnout and will only be awarded once)