Dave Nunn’s 5/10/15/20k routes

The Start

The start (and finish) is from the corner of Pride Park stadium (see picture), near the entry to Park and Ride. Follow the path straight down to the river path and turn left for the 5 and 10k distances and right for the 15 and 20k.

VIRTUAL: Please make sure in each case that you don’t come up short on distance. If you run over slightly I WILL give you back the time.

Both the 5k and 15k routes give you the option to download a GPX file (or TCX).

5k route

The route can be found on Strava HERE  VIRTUAL: When I ran this route I came up a little short so ran for a short way along the side of the stadium. 

10k Route

The 10k route is to run the 5k route twice.

15k Route

The route can be found on Strava HERE 

20k Route

This route is to run the 15k route and then follow that by running the 5k route.