Tea Rota

Tea making is done on a rota basis (the more volunteers the better). Please contact  Angela Monk (or a committee member) if you are willing to be added to the tea rota. The more people that help the easier it is for everyone, thanks for your support.

Thank you for volunteering for the tea rota.

If you cannot do your slot on the rota please swop with someone else and amend the copy of the rota on the club notice board and let us know.

When it is your turn to make the teas etc please bring in some milk (4 pints).  Tea-towels are at the club. Afterwards please take the dirty tea-towels home to wash.

Many thanks

18/03/2022 Chris Purslow Marie Milwain
01/04/2022 Dave Keegan Kev Milwain
15/04/2022 Steve Aynsely Margaret Cowling
06/05/2022 Sally Cartwright Steve Cartwright
20/05/2022 Ian Crompton Marie Standley
03/06/2022 Patrick Munro Tim Bentley
17/06/2022 Louise Hart Dave Green
01/07/2022 Paul Webster Steven Oliver
15/07/2022 Dave Duffy Christine Duffy
05/08/2022 Heather Turley  Dave Turley
19/08/2022 Lyndsey Cubiss Marie Milwain
02/09/2022 Denise Randle Alison Read
16/09/2022 Angela Monk Kate Johnson
07/10/2022 Dorothy Pickering Graham Pickering
21/10/2022 Chris Donald Fiona Corden
04/11/2022 Chris Purslow Julie Corby
18/11/2022 Caroline Howells Alison Nunn
02/12/2022 Carolyn Hopkinson Chris Hopkinson
16/12/2022 Dave Keegan Kev Milwain
06/01/2023 Steve Aynsely Margaret Cowling
20/01/2023 Sally Cartwright Steve Cartwright
03/02/2023 Ian Crompton Marie Standley
17/02/2023 Patrick Munro Tim Bentley
03/03/2023 Louise Hart Dave Green
17/03/2023 Paul Webster Steven Oliver