Race Results 2014

4 INNES 40 Mile ultra – Saturday 5th April 2014

Wayne Stevenson, Luke Stevenson & Sam Amps (team Banana Splits) made their way to the peaks to take part in this gruelling 40 mile ultra going over to the Isle of Skye, Blackhill, Crowdon, Torside, Bleaklow, Snake Pass, Kinder, Edale, Chapel en le Frith, Whitehall, Goyt Valley, Cat & Fiddle and finally Buxton. All was going well (apart from the horrible weather conditions), and they were all flying until Luke went over on his ankle over Bleaklow. They managed to complete 22 miles before having to call time at Edale with Luke hobbling! Sam could have continued as he was feeling good but they all retired as a team! Bad luck guys…..better luck next year! This was Wayne’s 33rd 4 Innes, Lukes 2nd and Sam’s 1st…with hopefully many more to come!