Race Results 2024

Race Results – Derby 10k & Fun Run – 24th March 2024

Yet another fantastic Derby 10k today saw 33 Striders running, and lot’s of lovely Striders volunteering too – Dave Nunn in Race Control and Sue Kinross, Tracy Sexton Hepburn, Daniel Butcher, Catherine Clifford all helping out at the Start/Finish line – you all did a wonderful job, thanks from us all :)

We also had 1 Strider taking part in the Fun Run, well done Luke Bremmer!

A tough race today with the headwinds but the sun was shining, so all was good and the atmosphere as buzzing as ever :)

With such a busy event it was too difficult to pick out how everyone did with times/pb etc, so I’m just going to have to report the official results.  Here’s the table of Striders, the ‘Position’ is based on Gun Time, but I’ve sorted it by Chip Time, so you can see where you came in our club results. It’s absolutely brilliant seeing so many of you on the results, including some who are relatively new to the club. I hope you enjoyed yourselves, very well done all of you :D

Overall PositionNameGuntimeChiptimeCategoryCategory PositionGender Position
16Martin Kerr00:35:2800:35:27M40416
24Benjamin Clarke00:36:0800:36:08MSEN1924
36Liam Regan00:37:2900:37:24MSEN2836
94Patrick Munro00:41:1200:41:06M45489
174James Realey00:44:1600:42:11MSEN107164
135Andrew Miller00:42:5000:42:43M507128
143Richard Tissington00:43:1100:43:05M509134
204Leo Pickford00:45:0000:43:06M4032194
369Sam Kitchen00:48:5700:45:20M4053341
419William Luesley00:49:5200:46:00M4543386
430Sally Leyland00:50:0200:46:20F40535
324Brian Thomas00:47:5800:47:51M5022300
529Ian Crompton00:51:4400:48:07M6017479
733Christopher Sharp00:54:5500:51:17M4587630
731Liz Phillips00:54:5400:52:54F554103
941Gloria  Lagou00:58:0400:54:22F3529157
1363Dave Sullivan01:03:3700:54:22M60471055
1166Rob Higson01:01:1800:59:19M40127931
1488Tim Stokes01:05:1901:01:16M501241130
1489Amanda Wilson01:05:1901:01:16F5523357
1983Sharon  Sullivan01:12:3501:01:18F5068599
2122Paul Webster01:14:5501:02:39M65361444
1858Alex Hall01:10:2401:03:42F5061534
2029Steve Cartwright01:13:0901:03:45M451581405
2030Eamonn Hughes01:13:0901:03:45M551021406
2214Sarah Regan01:16:3901:04:31F5559739
2605Alison Woolley01:25:4801:13:28F50109991
2637Margaret Cowling01:26:3401:14:12F60381014
2677Lindsey Cubiss01:27:5601:15:36F501131040
2784David Keegan01:33:5001:21:28M65631669
2789Emma Edwards01:34:0001:22:11F401591113
2810Stephen Aynsley01:36:5701:25:36M65651675
2862Karen Whitton01:55:4601:43:20F351811168