Parkrun Results – 23rd December 2023

Yesterday it was time for the festive parkruns to begin with lots of Santas, Elves, Grinches & Christmas Crackers to be seen running, we also had lovely Striders volunteering, Luke Bremmer, Dave Keegan at Alvaston, Ian Bell at Markeaton, thanks folks!

(Oh by the way, sorry the post is a bit different I’m on holiday at the moment so doing it on my phone 😂)

At Alvaston there were PBs and a 1st/2nd place battle for Martin Kerr and Jonny Branch & Hazel Baxter also got her PB! Great running all of you!

This week it was also time for our Tourist Parkrun this time at Rushcliffe, unfortunately we only had Charli Land & Richard Jackson there, but I’m sure you both had fun 😀. Thank you Charli for all of your hard work organising our Tourist parkruns and Alvaston Parkrun Championships this year, it’s much appreciated 😀

Elsewhere we had Paul Roome in Leicester at Abbey Park, not quite getting the sub 20 he was aiming for but nevertheless it was a good run and a PB for him! Sally Cartwright was also out and about having her first go at Tamworth, and Chris Sharp was way up on the West coast of Scotland at Ganavan Sands!

Well done everyone and Happy Christmas to you all, hope you all have a brilliant time! 🥰

Markeaton parkrun

A total of 508 runners took part.
PositionGender PositionparkrunnerClubRun Time
1716Jamie ATKINSONShelton Striders00:19:22
4338Richard TISSINGTONShelton Striders00:21:06
4741Kenneth MALTONShelton Striders00:21:15
5950Tim SPATEShelton Striders00:21:45
6354Leo PICKFORDShelton Striders00:21:51
7665Matthew GLAZIERShelton Striders00:23:03
128104Sam KITCHENShelton Striders00:24:43
26851Samantha JAMESShelton Striders00:28:35
27053Rachel FARROWShelton Striders00:28:40
33987Amanda WILSONShelton Striders00:31:11
482170Sue KINROSSShelton Striders00:38:57

Long Eaton parkrun

A total of 335 runners took part.
PositionGender PositionparkrunnerClubRun Time
12614Liz PHILLIPSShelton Striders00:26:36
149121Matthew HENNINGShelton Striders00:27:33
16529Gloria LAGOUShelton Striders00:28:12

Rushcliffe parkrun

A total of 605 runners took part.
PositionGender PositionparkrunnerClubRun Time
7671Richard JACKSONShelton Striders00:23:09
567219Charlotte LANDShelton Striders00:40:45

Ganavan Sands parkrun

A total of 32 runners took part.
PositionGender PositionparkrunnerClubRun Time
2115Christopher SHARPShelton Striders00:30:30

Alvaston parkrun

A total of 313 runners took part.
PositionGender PositionparkrunnerClubRun Time
11Martin KERRShelton Striders00:16:40
22Jonathan BRANCHShelton Striders00:16:47
77Andy MACEWENShelton Striders00:17:49
1212Paul PEARCEShelton Striders00:18:00
1514Matt BAILEYShelton Striders00:18:31
4440Brian THOMASShelton Striders00:20:56
4541James REALEYShelton Striders00:20:57
8975Neil HANCOCKShelton Striders00:23:34
10488Jerry EVANSShelton Striders00:24:27
11916Hazel BAXTERShelton Striders00:24:48
139111Andrew LUCASShelton Striders00:26:01
140112Henry LUCASShelton Striders00:26:05
189134Daniel BUTCHERShelton Striders00:28:37
19049Lyndsay WILESShelton Striders00:28:39
202142Eamonn HUGHESShelton Striders00:29:39
20657Tracy HEPBURNShelton Striders00:30:15
208143Paul WEBSTERShelton Striders00:30:19
22064Kate HUGHESShelton Striders00:31:04
23975Lyndsay BUTCHERShelton Striders00:32:01
24076Joanne TEFTShelton Striders00:32:02
282101Margaret COWLINGShelton Striders00:36:22
285104Amanda JACKSONShelton Striders00:37:17
302116Karen WHITTONShelton Striders00:46:27
313178Luke BREMMERShelton Striders00:52:36

Abbey Park parkrun

A total of 208 runners took part.
PositionGender PositionparkrunnerClubRun Time
2925Paul James ROOMEShelton Striders00:20:49

Tamworth Castle Grounds parkrun

A total of 334 runners took part.
PositionGender PositionparkrunnerClubRun Time
16337Sally CARTWRIGHTShelton Striders00:28:05