Race Results 2023

Race Results – Lyra Hope Memorial 5k & 5 mile – 6th September 2023

Last night, our local running community did what it does best and all came together for the first Lyra Hope Memorial charity race at Darley Park. Organised by Helen Treece and many others behind the scenes, it was a lovely sunny & fun evening with friends to raise as much money as possible for charity. Well done to everyone involved, runners, marshals, organisers and supporters who had donated.

I’m not going to attempt to analyse the results, as most people ran slightly different distances due to a couple of wrong turns/extra laps. That said, well done to our Striders for a strong turnout and to Jonny Branch who won the 5 mile race and Ben Clarke the 5k race! A Striders double win :)  – just one word of advice though, when celebrating, always check your sweeties before you eat them, eh Jonny? ;)

Here’s the results, sorry if I missed anyone as lots hadn’t got a club listed. Denise, I’ve moved your result from the 5 mile to the 5k as I think that is correct :)

Well done everyone for making it a special evening :)

Lyra Hope Memorial – 5 mile

Position First name Surname Age Cat. Time
1 Jonathan Branch Open 00:32:37
2 Martin Kerr V40 00:32:45
3 Andy MacEwen Open 00:34:12
4 Kenny Malton Open 00:35:01
9 Richie Wheatcroft V50 00:38:10
10 Andrew Powell V40 00:38:49
13 Richard Tissington V50 00:40:16
19 Simon Branch Open 00:41:55
25 Chloe Mills Open 00:42:17
28 Rob Higson V40 00:42:45
36 Jerry Evans V60 00:44:51

Lyra Hope Memorial 5k

Position First name Surname Age Cat. Time
1 Ben Clarke Open 00:22:14
2 Paul Pearce V40 00:23:38
10 Richard Green V50 00:28:43
12 Sally Cartwright V40 00:29:11
16 Helen Andrews V60 00:29:55
23 Dave Sullivan V60 00:31:03
25 Sharon Sullivan V50 00:31:44
47 Denise Robertson V40 00:35:51
57 Marie Standley V50 00:38:18
58 Christine Purslow V60 00:38:19
59 Ian Crompton V60 00:38:24
60 Angela Monk V60 00:38:27
65 margaret cowling V70 00:39:35
75 Rachel Farrow V40 00:51:42