Race Results – Smalley 5 Bells – 1st July 2023

It was a fantastic evening in Smalley last night, for a really great race that is the Smalley 5 Bells (5 mile)!
We had 20 Striders out of a total 324 runners, who took on this lovely, albeit challenging, course which was very well organised with friendly & supportive marshals too! Thanks Smalley RR!

There were great performances all round, with Martin Kerr getting 3rd place overall and 2nd in his Age Cat, Pascale Holden won her Age Cat and Kenny Malton came 9th place overall – brilliant well done!!
We also had Brian Thomas, Andrew Miller & myself getting 2nd/3rd/4th in our Age Cat, Ian Crompton came 5th in his, and Liz Phillips 4th in hers – fantastic running folks on a warm evening too!

It was really nice to meet Sally Cartwrights Mum, who was up for the weekend and gave us all a cheer on the last 100 metres, she also joined us for the team photo :D
Thanks also to Sarah Huskinson for her support & pics and Kate Hughes for supporting with our main man Eammon Hughes, who as always provided his excellent and ‘amusing’ pics! :D

Special mention too to Alex & Nick Hall who showed 100% commitment to the cause by still making the race despite Alex being locked out of her house only a couple of hours before!! Prompting a mad dash by Nick to come home from Donington to rescue our damsel in distress and drop her at the race, phew, well done both of you!!!

Just one more thing – please could Andrew Miller & Tim Stokes contact the organisers to ask them to update the club to Shelton Striders (currently down as just Shelton), as this will affect the RunDerby race series, cheers!

Smalley 5 Bells (5 mile)

Pos Name M/F AG AG Pos Chip Gun
3 Martin Kerr 3rd M40-44 2nd 28:44 28:46
9 Kenny Malton 9th M Sen 7th 31:24 31:25
27 Brian Thomas 27th M50-54 2nd 34:13 34:13
30 Andrew Miller 30th M50-54 3rd 34:33 34:38
36 James Realey 36th M Sen 22nd 35:57 36:06
41 Richard Tissington 41st M50-54 4th 36:32 36:35
65 Andrew Lucas 61st M40-44 10th 38:06 38:12
68 William Luesley 64th M45-49 15th 38:13 38:19
82 Pascale Holden 7th F50-54 1st 39:24 39:29
121 Ian Crompton 103rd M60-64 5th 43:03 43:13
130 Tim Stokes 109th M50-54 11th 43:35 43:48
150 Liz Phillips 26th F50-54 4th 44:49 45:02
171 Matthew Henning 131st M50-54 15th 46:27 46:40
173 Steve Cartwright 132nd M45-49 29th 46:47 46:47
192 Sally Cartwright 54th F45-49 15th 48:40 48:55
220 Lyndsay Wiles 73rd F50-54 15th 51:40 51:57
239 Amanda Wilson 85th F55-59 10th 52:56 53:12
249 Alex Hall 92nd F50-54 19th 53:58 54:16
258 Eamonn Hughes 158th M55-59 14th 54:35 54:53
269 Paul Phillips 161st M60-64 9th 56:16 56:34
270 Hannah Cartwright 109th F Sen 11th 56:43 57:01