Race Results – Equinox 24 (Hours) – 17th September 2022

On Saturday, another one of those “I can’t comprehend doing that” events came along, the Equinox 24 at Belvoir Castle (in a nutshell, run as many 10k laps as you can in 24 hours!!!)

We had 3 Striders taking part, Jonathan Branch (and his wife Sarah) raising money for Diabetes UK, Matt Bailey & Ray Evans!

Absolutely outstanding all of you, especially for such a good cause, with Jonny & Sarah raising £1800 and taking their total fundraising to £4000! Fantastic work both of you.

As for the race – I can’t do it justice, so here is a summary from Jonny. (If you have Facebook here’s a link to his full write-up). 

Summary: I ran 160km and Sarah Branch did 80km (240km combined) in a 24hour running event. We managed to raise an incredible £1800 for Diabetes UK.
The Race: A 24hour running race in which you run as many or as few 10km laps as you want to do! The winner is the person who runs the most laps. If more than one person runs the same number of laps, the winner is based on the one who has completed that distance in the quickest time.


Equinox 24 (Hours) – 17th September 2022

Pos Name Laps Time Category Cat Pos Second Cat Second Cat Pos
144 Jonathan Branch 16 25:14:21 Solo 17 Solo 30 – 39 9
249 Matt Bailey 11 24:12:32 Solo 60 Solo 50 – 59 16
367 Sarah Branch 9 24:56:32 Solo 74 Solo 30 – 39 15
712 Raymond Evans 2 02:04:04 Solo 276 Solo 50 – 59 60