Heanor Summer Festival of Running – 25th June 2021

This event was planned way back when and under the first set of restrictions so it was always likely to go ahead – particularly as restrictions have eased somewhat. Runners went off in waves 20 seconds apart based on their predicted time. Kenny didn’t know what time to put so was among the last to start and overtook much of the field as he went.

Liz finished 3rd in category and Rachel took on the 5k event finishing 20th in a time of 0:25:16.


Well done everyone who took part!

Pos Name Time
8 Kenny Malton 36:48
9 Chris Wilshaw 37:00
42 Gerrard Moss 44:14
86 Matthew Henning 53:23
90 Liz Phillips 54:04
111 Alex Hall 58:58
131 Paul Phillips 68:00