Race To The Castle – 26-27th June 2021

This race series always has multiple formats and this weekend members ran in two of them.

Chris Donald ran the 100km in one go starting at 06:50 on the Saturday morning and finishing in a time of 17:17:29  and 339th with one of her fellow team mates. Great running Chris! Well done.

Julie Corby and Christine Purslow took on the “weekender” choosing not to run in the dark. They started at 6:30 on Saturday and finished in times of 16:49:29 (143rd, Julie) and 15:15:43 (91st, Chris).

Julie tells me that she was “broken” after the first day so finished an hour and a half behind Chris. Bear in mind that there were 526 finishers and she still achieve 143rd place! Well done Julie!

And Chris… first in category!! Well done Chris!