• Derbyshire Athletics Cross Country Championships – 6th January 2018

    Pascale’s Facebook post sort of says it all. Well done guys – it couldn’t have been easy out there!

    Managed 10th Derbyshire lady in the XC, which makes me first reserve for the Derbyshire team! Pirran did well to run his first County XC. Neither of us faceplanted or lost any shoes in the mud, so all in all a great result! Talking of shoes, does anyone fancy cleaning ours? Or the tent? It was rather muddy


    Under 11 Boys
    Pos   Time
    25 Pirran Holden 19.28
    Senior/Vet Women
    Pos   Time
    11 Pascale Holden 38.26
    42 Rebecca Emerton  45.14
    Under 13 Boys
    Pos   Time
    8 William Atkinson 15.03
    11 Josh Cotton 15.41
    Senior/Vet/U20 Men
    Pos   Time
    7 Robert Donald 38.55
    30 Martin Kerr 43.26
    Under 15 Girls
    Pos   Time
    20 Sarah Bentley 29.10

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