Parkrun Results – 25th November 2023

Yesterday it was the first sub-zero Parkrun this winter, but despite the cold it was a beautiful, crisp & sunny morning – perfect for running in! Striders came out in their numbers with 42 of us dotted around Parkrun-land, plus some lovely volunteers! Thanks very much to Paul Roome at Markeaton, Anna Hagan-Pearce & Pascale Holden at Alvaston for braving the cold to help out :D

This week it was time for our monthly Striders Tourist Parkrun, at the spectacular Wollaton Hall – We couldn’t have picked a better day to be at the park, it looked so beautiful in the sun :D. We had a very good turnout too, with 17 of us making the trip and Tim Stokes, Steve Cartwright & Poppy, Eamonn & Kate Hughes, Lyndsay Wiles and Sue Kinross all having their first go at the challenging, but rewarding course! It was great to have new members Chris Sharp & Gloria Lagou with us too, as well as Ben Spate in his snug Batman hat with Mum & Dad Tim & Sam!
Thanks to Eamonn for the photos, sorry if anyone was missed, it’s a bit like rounding up sheep trying to get Striders for a photo!! :D Well done everyone lovely to see you all!

Elsewhere, we had Hannah Cartwright – who is in great form after her first Derby 10 mile last week, carrying this on back at Uni by getting her PB at Yarborough Leisure Centre in Lincoln – go Hannah that’s brilliant!

Liz Phillips & Paul Phillips were down South visiting family and Liz had another go at Tilgate, getting her PB and also 1st in her Age Cat! Cheered on by Paul, who is gladly on his way back after an injury – hope to see you out there soon Paul, and great running Liz!

Well done everyone! Coming up we have our final round for this years Parkrun Championships at Alvaston on 9th December! Thanks to Charli Land for organising the Tourists – the spinner has picked the next Tourist Parkrun, across the border again, on 23rd December at Rushcliffe! :D

Wollaton Hall parkrun (407 runners)

PositionGender PositionparkrunnerRun Time
2121Richard TISSINGTON00:20:58
4239Richard JACKSON00:22:26
10587Tim SPATE00:25:36
12096Tim STOKES00:26:17
15333Hazel BAXTER00:27:49
172124Christopher SHARP00:28:06
18342Sally CARTWRIGHT00:28:25
194133Steve CARTWRIGHT00:28:59
20150Gloria LAGOU00:29:16
20351Samantha JAMES00:29:20
22664Amanda WILSON00:30:15
245160Eamonn HUGHES00:30:58
270170Matthew HENNING00:32:23
26983Lyndsay WILES00:32:23
295103Sue KINROSS00:33:46
325124Charlotte LAND00:35:16

Markeaton parkrun (360 runners)

PositionGender PositionparkrunnerRun Time
11Martin KERR00:17:18
88Jamie ATKINSON00:18:37
99Liam REGAN00:18:37
4238Leo PICKFORD00:21:34
4339Ian BELL00:21:59
5952Sam KITCHEN00:22:44
191152Paul James ROOME00:28:03
28277Sarah REGAN00:32:22

Tilgate parkrun (441 runners)

PositionGender PositionparkrunnerRun Time
11718Liz PHILLIPS00:25:36

Alvaston parkrun (238 runners)

PositionGender PositionparkrunnerRun Time
22Paul PEARCE00:17:55
33Andy MACEWEN00:17:59
1515Brian THOMAS00:19:56
2725Stephen HAWKINS00:21:38
262Pascale HOLDEN00:21:38
3027Andrew MILLER00:21:40
4538Neil HANCOCK00:22:54
6249Harry SLOAN00:23:59
7057Dave THORNTON00:24:42
10377Simon GOODALL00:27:11
12032Rachel FARROW00:28:08
140100Paul WEBSTER00:29:20
171116Steven OLIVER00:31:25
17455Margaret COWLING00:32:00
20373Amanda JACKSON00:35:52
217136David KEEGAN00:37:49

Yarborough Leisure Centre parkrun (169 runners)

PositionGender PositionparkrunnerRun Time
11035Hannah CARTWRIGHT00:28:26