Mackworth Marathon Challenge – 8th September 2018

Thanks for coming to today’s Mackworth Challenge Marathon, another great success for this very different event.
Honestly I was hoping for more to attend but understand it does clash with parkrun and other events happening this weekend.
I hope you can see what I’m trying to create with this, as it’s a very unique – looking into ideas of how we can encourage more to come a long.

Thank so much to Andy Brooks& Chris Hopkinson for their valuable and experienced help again, also Helen Bailey for helping with registration and the number crunching – plus anybody that provided food and drink for the runners.

£76 raised for The Padley Group.

The shoebox donations, leftover food and chips from the pub were taken to Padley this evening.

Finally thank you so much to the runners for battling through today’s weather, fatigue and well done on achieving what you did.
Results to follow soon.

I’m having a rest and a beer from recent events, but things never end – do they.


Results are HERE (PDF)