Letter from the chair regarding Road Championship Scoring

Dear Striders

After reviewing the Road Championship results so far, it became evident that there was an issue with the results of one event excessively influencing the whole championship.

The Championship is designed to encourage members to compete in a number of events, try some variation and encourage healthy competition.

As I’m sure you know, the points allocation is carried out by taking the number of eligible Striders (M/F separately) and allocating points either side of an average of 50 (so if there are 3 runners, first placed gets 51, second gets 50 and third gets 49. This means the more well attended the event, the more extreme the scores.

On further review, in this instance, the concern is an easy one to resolve, but it does mean that the previously shown results need to be amended. The event in question was the 5/10/15/20K. The points were allocated based on all the runners participating. However, the 5K is not in the Road Championship, it is in the Fun Run Championship and therefore, the committee have agreed that the 5K runners should not be included in the calculation for the Road Championship points, but only separately for the Fun Run Champs.

We are confident that this is the fairest way to address this, but I would like to offer my apologies to anyone who had benefitted from the original calculation. We are open to the suggestion of reviewing future Championship scoring methods if we receive any proposals.

With kindest regards and best wishes for happy running.

Pascale Holden