Race Results 2016

Hairy Helmet (or the Real Ale Relay) – 17th June 2016

With threats of wet and slippy ground and more rain to come the evening turned out to be dry, comfortably warm and not too slippy underfoot (unless you trod on a tree root). Smiles abounded, baton changeovers were fluffed (some more than others) and beer was drunk. A grand evening was had by all – I think.

I have tried to find everyone in the results but if I’ve missed someone (or they ran someone else’s leg so their name doesn’t appear) let me know so that I can add them to the results.

Thanks to everyone involved (including team mates) for a grand evening.

Pos (in class)   Time
75 (5) Drinkers with a Running Problem Emma Roe 00:16:10
Penny Vale 00:16:13
Jon Cowley 00:14:21
Chris Pooley 00:14:04
115 (4) ACE Ladies Julie Corby 00:16:39
Alex Hall 00:16:08
Liz Phillips 00:15:53
Alison Flower 00:16:20
142 (6) Shelton Strudels Joanne Swindell 00:16:14
Gerry Mayfield 00:22:43
Ciaran Guilfoyle 00:14:42
Ian Crompton 00:14:44
Other runners
Mark Trickey 00:11:57
Ben Taylor 00:13:38
Amanda Ormond 00:14:03
Amy Clark 00:20:22
Ian Bell 00:14:12