Parkrun Results – 11th May 2024

On the hottest Parkrun day of the year (so far), we had 40 Striders taking on 5 different Parkruns with the vast majority at Alvaston in the Parkrun Championship. We had 2 PB’s this week, both at Alvaston. Having equalled her PB last week, Hazel Baxter broke it this week by massive 46 seconds in a time of 24:02. Henry Lucas also recorded a new PB in 24:28.  Well done both of you, running with the sun on your back certainly suits you!

Volunteers were out at Alvaston too. Thanks to Louise Hart and Eamonn Hughes.

Christopher Sharp was on tour again and was a first timer at Melton Mowbray. Rob Higson visited Shipley and Richard Tissington provided moral and marshal support.

We also had Matt Henning at Long Eaton, and Leo Pickford, Rebecca Emerton and Sarah Mellor taking on Markeaton.

It’s likely to be cooler and a little soggy this weekend, a bit more like we are used too.

Fantastic running everyone – have a great week!

Shipley Country parkrun    
A total of 170 runners took part.    
Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
44Richie WHEATCROFTShelton Striders 00:21:47
8864Rob HIGSONShelton Striders 00:32:08
Markeaton parkrun    
A total of 466 runners took part.    
Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
2319Leo PICKFORDShelton Striders 00:20:59
16024Rebecca EMERTONShelton Striders 00:27:44
324104Sarah MELLORShelton Striders 00:33:31
Long Eaton parkrun    
A total of 547 runners took part.    
Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
269206Matthew HENNINGShelton Striders 00:29:05
Melton Mowbray parkrun    
A total of 162 runners took part.    
Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
2828Christopher SHARPShelton Striders 00:24:01
Alvaston parkrun    
A total of 341 runners took part.    
Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Club  Run Time  
66Liam REGANShelton Striders 00:18:08
1514Andrew MILLERShelton Striders 00:20:06
1615Kenneth MALTONShelton Striders 00:20:16
1918Paul PEARCEShelton Striders 00:20:35
2421Richard JACKSONShelton Striders 00:21:02
2825Tim SPATEShelton Striders 00:21:14
3128Sam KITCHENShelton Striders 00:21:22
3936Matthew GLAZIERShelton Striders 00:21:55
5047Gerrard MOSSShelton Striders 00:22:50
7164Dave THORNTONShelton Striders 00:23:49
732Hazel BAXTERShelton Striders 00:24:02
7668Andrew LUCASShelton Striders 00:24:28
7769Henry LUCASShelton Striders 00:24:28
8071Harry SLOANShelton Striders 00:24:34
8273David GREENShelton Striders 00:24:40
9885James REALEYShelton Striders 00:25:37
15223Amanda WILSONShelton Striders 00:27:53
16025Sally CARTWRIGHTShelton Striders 00:28:19
18436Lyndsay BUTCHERShelton Striders 00:29:20
185136Ian CROMPTONShelton Striders 00:29:21
192139Steve CARTWRIGHTShelton Striders 00:29:54
21452Rachel FARROWShelton Striders 00:31:16
233153Luke BREMMERShelton Striders 00:32:37
244161Paul PHILLIPSShelton Striders 00:33:29
25067Sue KINROSSShelton Striders 00:34:04
26273Margaret COWLINGShelton Striders 00:34:43
27180Amanda JACKSONShelton Striders 00:36:18
282172Stephen AYNSLEYShelton Striders 00:37:32