Race Results 2024

Race Results – Rob Burrows Leeds Marathon & Sinfin 5

And so to other news….. Another great turnout by team Striders at the Sinfin 5 on Sunday morning. It was another warm morning, but 19 Striders took on the 5 mile course. Martin Kerr was 5th in a time of 28:12 and won his age category, whilst Keira Randle took second place in her category. Hazel Baxter got her second PB of the weekend and smashed 3:38 of her previous best to come home in 42:28.

Meanwhile James Realey and Denise Robertson went to Leeds and completed the Rob Burrows Marathon (a great charity by the way). James’ was slightly disappointed with a time of 3:43:05, Denise came in 4:42:12.  Very creditable performances from you both on a hilly course in the heat.

Brilliant running all!

Sinfin 5        
PositionBibNameM/FAGAG Pos2.5MChipTime
5221Martin Kerr5thMV401st14:4528:12:0028:12:00
1289Liam Regan12thSM8th15:2729:48:0029:50:00
3333Richard Tissington32ndMV505th17:4733:34:0033:37:00
574William Luesley52ndMV4022nd18:4135:50:0036:08:00
105200Christopher Sharp87thMV4035th21:3040:18:0040:39:00
121318Hazel Baxter23rdFV408th23:2041:26:0042:28:00
17420Matthew Henning126thMV5031st24:10:0044:04:0045:11:00
182348Samantha Spate54thFV4019th23:4545:24:0045:41:00
186289Dave Sullivan131stMV6015th24:12:0044:50:0045:53:00
188107Rachel Farrow57thFV4020th24:45:0045:09:0046:04:00
196158Ian Crompton132ndMV6016th25:28:0045:36:0046:44:00
21798Louise Hart75thFV6011th25:44:0047:26:0048:29:00
22322Amanda Wilson79thFV5022nd25:35:0047:54:0048:56:00
23225Keira Randle85thFU202nd25:10:0049:09:0049:33:00
237290Sharon Sullivan88thFV5027th26:10:0048:54:0049:57:00
25318Lyndsay Wiles97thFV5030th27:22:0050:25:0051:33:00
257129Eamonn Hughes158thMV5045th27:14:0050:45:0051:52:00
26690Sarah Regan105thFV5033rd28:20:0051:46:0052:58:00
302335Angela Monk135thFV6019th31:55:0059:32:0001:00:58
Rob Burrows Leeds Marathon    
6274660James RealeyMS03:43:05588369
29354635Denise RobersonF4004:42:12569184