Parkrun Results – 25th March 2023

Another great Parkrun turnout today, especially with some key races on tomorrow – we had 29 Striders running at 4 events, with Jerry Evans, Ray Evans, Dave Keegan, Andrew Miller and myself all volunteering at Alvaston, thanks folks great to see you all!

Today it was our latest Striders Tourist Trip, this time at Bestwood Village in Notts. But more on that in a minute…..

Before I continue I must share with you an absolutely phenomenal achievement from one of our Striders. Most of you will know him as he’s been at the club many years – The man, the myth, the legend that is Martin Kerr!

Martin has been putting in top performances regularly for Striders over the years and more recently with Derby AC, and has just finished a very successful Cross Country season in our Blue & White. Well, today he’s only gone and come 1st at Markeaton… (again? I hear you say?). But today you see was a very special day indeed, as this was Martins 100th 1st place at Markeaton parkrun!!! Just stop and think about that for a minute…..most of us are glad of just getting 100 parkruns under our belts and will never ever get a first place! Massive congratulations Martin, awesome running mate, here’s to another 100 1sts! :D

Anyway back to Bestwood Village – 4 Striders – Charli Land, Richard Jackson, Hazel Baxter and Amanda Jackson all had a bash at this apparently very tough course. Rich J didn’t let that bother him as he cruised to 10th place and got his PB in the process! It was also the first time Hazel and Amanda had a go at that course, well done all of you!

Elsewhere we had James Realey coming in at 9th place at Alvaston. Thomas Wyatt has been running really well at the track, improving every week, and he was rewarded with 14th place also at Alvaston. Great running lads!

Right, I’ll leave you in peace now folks :) best of luck to everyone racing tomorrow in the Derby 10k, Ashby 20 mile and any others, go smash it Striders!

Bestwood Village parkrun (97 runners)

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time 
10 9 Richard JACKSON 00:23:41
40 9 Hazel BAXTER 00:29:43
75 31 Charlotte LAND 00:37:26
78 32 Amanda JACKSON 00:39:04

Markeaton parkrun (335 runners)

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time 
1 1 Martin KERR 00:17:23
5 5 Jamie ATKINSON 00:19:24
6 6 Kenneth MALTON 00:19:42
13 12 Leo PICKFORD 00:21:26
22 21 Tim SPATE 00:21:52
37 34 Ian BELL 00:22:40
79 66 Brian THOMAS 00:24:20
80 67 Paul PEARCE 00:24:21
135 105 Max ATKINSON 00:27:24
158 24 Samantha JAMES 00:27:55
197 138 Sam KITCHEN 00:29:51
227 55 Amanda WILSON 00:31:17
228 156 Matthew GLAZIER 00:31:21

Beeston parkrun (278 runners)

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time 
140 94 Matthew HENNING 00:29:20

Alvaston parkrun (197 runners)

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time 
9 9 James REALEY 00:21:18
14 14 Thomas WYATT 00:21:36
69 55 Paul James ROOME 00:27:33
72 13 Lyndsay BUTCHER 00:27:37
71 57 Daniel BUTCHER 00:27:37
97 68 Ian CROMPTON 00:29:24
109 74 Alastair BOYD 00:30:06
131 38 Lyndsay WILES 00:31:23
138 91 Eamonn HUGHES 00:31:43
152 50 Margaret COWLING 00:33:23