Race Results 2019

Bolsover 10k – 15th December 2019

Fabulous turnout of Stripes at Bolsover for the last event of this year’s road championship. Helen is not “technically a Strider but ran in the vest and hopes to be able to return to the fold. Thanks must go to Steve for galvanising the team spirit and making this turnout a truly club event.

…a fantastic Striders turnout on a beautiful but cold morning in Bolsover. A largely undulating countryside course with a few patches of ice to keep the focus. It’s amazing how many people you can get to sign up when you offer a breakfast cob and pint combo for breakfast. Great running everyone with some excellent times. I think between us we also bought most of the Derby Runner stock as well! Let’s hope we can get some more turnouts like this in 2020! Steve

Pos Name Time
  Kenny Malton 36:01:00
  Paul Pearce 36:21:00
  Matt Bailey 38:17:00
  Richie Wheatcroft 41:01:00
  Richard Tissington 41:20:00
  Matthew West 41:26:00
  Ian Crompton 43:48:00
  Rachel Farrow 44:46:00
  Andrew Lucas 45:02:00
  Jerry Evans 45:20:00
  Gerrard Moss 47:46:00
  James Realey 49:20:00
  Jo Gregory 49:26:00
  Liz Phillips 50:04:00
  Matthew Henning 55:30:00
  Helen Almey 55:39:00
  Steve Cartwright 55:39:00
  Alex Hall 57:13:00
  Tracy Hepburn 57:32:00
  Fiona Corden 57:58:00
  Christine Donald 58:08:00
  Tim Staniforth 01:02:21
  Paul Phillips 01:03:31
  Eamonn Hughes 01:04:55
  Marie Standley 01:06:13