Run For Andy – 8th-10th November 2019

As an armchair spectator of this awesome event I was keen to share Matt Bailey‘s take on it from the very involved point of view. Many thanks for sharing Matt! The event was to run from the English home of rugby – Twickenham – to Melbourne RFC in Derbyshire (Andy’s home club) a distance of over 160 miles. Andy, although not a runner, was the lynch pin to so many events in and around the Derby area. Andy, a gentle giant in stature, was hugely giving in everything that was asked of him and if you asked for assistance then there was one name you could always fill in. He will be missed for years to come – not for what he might have done but for being Andy.

I’ve had to have a few hours to contemplate what I, and the Shelton Striders as a club, have achieved this weekend, before posting about it.

It has been extremely challenging both mentally and physically, hugely rewarding, emotional at times, draining, wet, cold, exciting, fun filled, sleep deprived, and so much more. A weekend like no other I’ve experienced before, but I hope to again.

The camaraderie and teamwork on the buses (Venga and Fun) was fantastic. All of the runners and support crew did amazing jobs, pulling together to plug gaps and making sure that we completed what we set out to do, and in style. And it was great getting to spend time with Striders outside of my own regular running circle.

The weather was at times horrendous for long distance running (or any running) and the conditions underfoot in the middle third were swamp-like. Canal paths are supposed to be easy miles!

The extra turnout early today and through to the finish was brilliant – Striders, you are an awesome club, and you did Andy proud 👏

It was emotional to visit the National Memorial Arboretum on Armistice Day, especially with it being eerily quiet in the early morning.

I never thought that I’d be able to run 70 miles in a single weekend, but our club helps to make seemingly impossible challenges achievable.

Nothing more to say other than it’s been awesome 😁