6 Hour Gothic Challenge – 27th July 2019

Sam Pearch came 2nd in this event having run 31.1 miles (50km) in a time of 4:23:48. This photo shows his attitude of “I’m enjoying this”. Don’t you just love him?
NB the winner also stopped at 50km just a few minutes quicker… but if Sam had gone for another lap? I suspect the winner was taking things a little more intensely.

Pre-race I had an inclination it was going to be a tough day based on it’s only 2 weeks since Peak District Challenge.
All was ok till the marathon lap, I was getting very leggy. I had wanted to reach 50km today, so I went for it to do the 50km lap but it was going to be a plod so bought in my 25min run/ 5min walk to get done.
The rain never stopped all day, as time went on the rain really soaked the washlands – also with runners going over the same ground constantly, the course was getting muddy and slippy.
Feeling really chuffed with myself that I can continue to tick the miles off even without the training.