Race Results 2019

Kinder Downfall – 28th April 2019

Fortunately the weather had improved significantly from the previous day, so we not only had comfortable running conditions, but also amazing views!  It’s a 10 mile race with a suitably demanding amount of climb- my watch told me I’d climbed 200 flights of stairs, but it was a joy from start to finish.
With great support from Chris Hopkinson and Kate Wray.  And a whole bunch of walkers telling us London Marathon is the other direction. 🙄
Lovely to see plenty of Striders there!

Pos   Time
8 Robert Donald 01:16:20
29 Chris Wilshaw 01:23:59
99 Richard Green 01:37:31
162 Pascale Holden 01:46:03
168 Paul Brunt 01:47:32
255 Carolyn Hopkinson 02:10:50
269 Jo Gregory 02:36:25
270 Julie Corby 02:36:26
271 Christine Donald 02:41:09