MDS Peru – A runners view of year 1

Well I did it and it was tough!  First day was the worst with what appeared to look like an easy day, only one hill and a slight descent the rest with a few small hills, but  cp1 to cp2 was 11k of hell with deep soft sand, rocks and being in a dry river valley was red hot  we lost 10 runners that day. Day two saw 40 runners not make the cut off  time at the first check point, (massive hill)  after that we had a steady drop out of runners till the end.  Organization was poor which was a surprise and the drinking water was awful fizzy with a strong mineral taste which made awful dry food foul, there was mass complaints about this, with runners complaining of passing blood,  you had to put up your very small single tent at night / down in morning which did mean they were not as   social that the big tents where,    I would recommend it as a good race but check that the water and tents are sorted before booking.  I and others rated it harder   than the Sahara.

Plan of course and a couple of pictures, close up is at the finish where it looks like I may need a wash.

Bill Mitchell