Race Results 2017

Hill Climb Challenge – 29th June 2017

A massive team from the Striders turned out for this event with 44 members turning out to actually take part – with others helping with the organisation. Apparently Derwent also had 44 turn out and on the day managed ONE more run than Shelton! The final result was: Shelton Striders 510 marbles in the bucket, Derwent Runners 511 and Team Derby Runner 192.

If just ONE member hadn’t had a daughter’s gig to attend… Sorry guys! 

The Shelton team consisted of:- Vicki Aldread,Marie Standley,David Askew,Yan Cain,Angela Guilfoyle,Tristan Guilfoyle,Lewis Guilfoyle,Ciaran Guilfoyle,Rachel Farrow,Carolyn Hopkinson,Shaun Cooper,Chris Purslow,Mark Trickey,Pascale Holden,Jethro Holden,Pirran Holden,Corrine Powell,Alex Hall,Daz Sheppard,Liz Phillips,Amy Keegan,Dave Keegan,Chris Donald,Matt West,Andy Brooks,George Monk,Angela Monk,Julie Corby,Alison Nunn,Tim Spate,Samantha James,Sam Pearch,Dave Thornton,John Thornton,Kenny Malton,Matt Henning,Nurkan Dogruel,Helen Hancock,Sarah Dogruel,Emma Roe,Martin Kerr,Steve Cartwright,Sally Cartwright,Sarah Bentley

It was a very wet night, all ages and abilities were there, a non-runner from each club gave out the marbles to an opposite club member. For us our non-runner was Graham Donald, a special mention to him for standing in the rain at the bottom of the hill giving out marbles.

In the end a huge £342 was raised for charity – which is what the event was really all about.

A very grateful mention to Dave Nunn for organising what was (from what everyone involved has been saying) a fantastic night of running again.