• Derby 3k Fun Run – 9th April 2017

    It has been pointed out – and checked by independent Strava results – that the timekeeping on this event (which is done unofficially and to best efforts) had 3 times out by exactly 50 seconds each. It is safe to assume that all the times were out by the same 50 seconds. I have (after agreeing with the timekeeper) revised the results accordingly. Fantastic running everyone – even more fantastic than the fantastic it was before!!

    Great going guys. A very warm day for it! Well done.

    Jack Surgay              11:41
    Josh Cotton 11:49
    Mark Cotton 11:57
    Megan Emerton 12:36
    Steve Emerton 12:37
    Luke Bremmer 14:06
    Molly Emerton 14:27
    Rebecca Emerton 14:37
    Henry Surgay 16:08
    Jethro Holden  
    Bethany Pearch 19:37

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