Man vs Horse Saturday 13th June 2015

Well what can I say, The girls, Pas, Stef & Kate Wray (who is still injured since cross country) who are a bit more hardcore made the 3 1/2 hour journey straight after the Hairy helmet and did their bit for the club, and arrived gone midnight, crazy women!

However the boys, Kenny, Marcel & Sam & Cath went over to Llanwrtyd Wells the home of bog snorkelling and various other really odd sports on Friday morning and had a nice day chilling out, before the rain came. By the results it looks like the rest of the Striders didn’t miss us anyway. So well done to everyone at the Hairy Helmet.

Well race day came and with a little rain and a tough race ahead a very enjoyable and memorable day was had by all. Beer and burgers (not horse) after is an essential pastime. Some of us even like peanut butter now (see race sponsors Whole Earth).

Must say thanks to Cath Pearch & Kate for their support and doing the driving.

The results are overall positions and include 50+ horses and relay teams. Won by a horse again!!

Position               Time                     Name
30                          2:55:46                Marcel (7th of 103 vet35 & 29th of 422 men/horses)
35                          2:58:55                Kenny Malton (7th of 67 & 34th of 422 men/horses)
167                       3:36:55                Sam Pearch (40th of 103 vet35 & 149th of 422 men/horses)
191                       3:40:32                Pacale Holden (8th of 32 vet35 & 22nd of 119 women/horses)
326                       4:06:58                Stefanie Mayer (13th of 32 vet35 & 45th of 119 women/horses)

541 finishers