• Ashby 20

    29 striders winged their way to Ashby on a beautiful sunny morning to put everyone to shame, apparently equalling (with Derby Runner) the biggest turn out by a club on the day! Everyone put in 110% and the results were fabulous as you can see!!!! Results were as follows:-

    13th    01.58.07   Sam Pearch

    52rd    02.12.40   Kenneth Malton

    55th    02.12.51   Martin Kerr

    66th    02.13.50   Stephen Pezzutti

    74th    02.14.50   Gareth Brown

    82nd   02.15.53   Steve Emerton

    104th  02.19.09  Matthew West

    167th  02.27.43  Ian Crompton

    172nd  02.28.56   Sean Cooper

    241st  02.35.31   Andy Bradley

    272nd  02.38.41  Wayne Stevenson

    294th   02.39.49  Darren Shepherd

    342nd  02.43.10   Rachel Farrow

    344th  02.43.26   Richard Hill

    369th   02.44.40   Pascal Holden

    397th   02.46.58  Phil Purslow

    402nd   02.46.50  Julie Warner

    542nd   02.55.51  Mark Warner

    721st   03.11.47   Neil Rigby

    738th   03.13.57   Roy Hobson

    758th   03.14.14   David Askew

    833rd   03.22.27  Chris Sexton

    852nd   03.25.06  Paul Webster

    885th   03.30.08  Darren Bradley

    901st   03.31.25   Lee Meakin

    902nd   03.31.25  Steve Cartwright

    919th   03.33.20   Christine Donald

    936th   03.35.21   Tim Primmer

    1063rd  04.34.31  Amanda Lewis


    Absolutely amazing results…..well done to you all (especially the 41 club!!)

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