News 2012

Furnace Inn Fun Run – Wednesday 26th December
The weather for the annual Boxing Day Furnace Inn Fun Run couldn’t have been better. After all the rain, we woke to a beautiful sunny morning. This encouraged 177 runners to come and take part, many in fancy dress and loads from Striders.

A big thank you to the staff at the Furnace who were very enthusiasic and keen to help make it a success. I hope they stay in residence for a while as we have had so many changes of management over the last few years

My call for helpers was answered from Brian and Pam Budd, Steve Cartwright lead bike, Adam & Lisa Morris, Ken Keegan, Cathy and Andy Clifford, Wayne Stevenson and Roy Hobson all chipping in. Dorothy assisted by Sylvia Gristock did the business with the results inside the pub. Apologies if I have missed any one. I couldn’t have managed without your help.

Finally a big thank you to all those that contributed spot prizes, as ever Striders Never Let You Down.

All in all a VERY successful morning raising just over £390 for our charities.
Bolsover 10K – Sunday 16th December
Four Shelton Striders took part in the Bolsover 10K on Sunday. First back for the club in this popular event was the ever-improving Adam Morris in a new personal best of 43:47. He was followed by Andrew Sayers in 48.04 and then Dave (I run everywhere) Keegan in 49.39. The only lady to represent the club was Lisa Morris who finished in 56.08.
Keyworth Turkey Trot – Sunday 9th December
Thirteen Shelton Striders took part in the 30th running of the Keyworth Turkey Trot. This challenging half marathon on rural roads is always popular and the biting wind that greeted runners didn’t seem to have put anyone off, with 860 participants. First Strider back was Alex Buckley in 1:34:01 followed by Paul Brunt in 1:38:34 and Wayne Stevenson hot on his heels in 1:38:53. First Striders lady back was Pascale Holden in 1:40:57, with Wendy Wheawall in 1:49:17 and Heather Turley in 1:57:30. Further down the field, Striders Dave and Alison Nunn brought along their daughters Kerry and Harriet for their first half marathon. Dave and the girls all finished in around 2:25 with Mum Alison just behind in 2:28:39. The family is training for the Virgin London Marathon in April.

Striders Results:

Alex Buckley 94:01
Paul Brunt 98:34
Wayne Stevenson 98:53
Pascale Holden 100:57
Kev Milwain 106:28
Wendy Wheawall 109:17
Heather Turley 117.30
Louise Surgay 118.05
Chris Purslow 120:24
Alison Wynn 122:55
Chris Donald 123:19
Dave Nunn 145:35
Alison Nunn 148:39

The 12K of Christmas in Coalville – Sunday 9th December
Adam Morris came fourth in the 10K organised by Living without Abuse at Snibston Discovery Museum in Coalville. Note there was also a 2K fun run, hence the name of the event.
Sinai Park Cross Country 2nd December
The Striders were out again in force (39 of us) but some key figures were missing but that didn’t prevent us from doing really well and shows the strength of the team. The Striders are still the 1st overall team (league 1 & 2) even though we were the 4th team on the day. The men are still Top of league 2 and the girls are still 2nd in league 2, behind a very strong Derby Tri.

There were 3 Juniors flying the flag for the Striders, well done:

Position Name School Year Time
16 Fergus Holmes 5 6.39
19 Ethan Buckley 1 7.54
20 Rose Buckley 4 8.13

And the rest of you:

Pos Time First name Surname
18 35:07 Robert Donald
34 36:42 Marcel Darling
48 37:33 Shaun Cooper
54 37:52 Stephen Hawkins
82 39:53 Gareth Brown
83 39:54 Luke Stevenson
84 39:57 James Cunningham
90 40:33 Ian Crompton
94 41:00 Ian Bell
100 41:38 Chris Keegan
137 44:10 Ian Millward
141 44:21 Ludovic Floch
147 44:48 Wayne Stevenson
157 45:51 Paul Brunt
164 46:46 Ciaran Guilfoyle
171 47:24 Adam Morris
177 48:26 Dave Turley
216 52:52 Stephen Wells
221 54:07 James Realey
228 55:36 Robin Hutchinson
231 56:34 Paul Webster
238 59:49 Darren Bradley
10 45:40 Pascale Holden
15 46:07 Carolyn Dyall
42 52:49 Silke Krieger Ford
43 52:54 Julie Stevenson
50 54:40 Rachel Smith
51 54:41 Gayle Gamble
61 56:50 Heather Turley
73 58:42 Christine Purslow
80 59:49 Christine Donald
83 59:57 Sandra Butcher
108 67:00 Lindsey Buckley

Clowne Half Marathon Sunday 25th November
18 of us made the journey up to Clowne for the last race in the championship. With the previous days torrential rain just about gone things did seem that bad apart from the strong & gusting wind that only seemed present on the gruelling up sections of the route. That didn’t stop several of you getting PB’s Carolyn & Julie. In addition the men claimed the 1st team and a young chap, Luke who seems to be getting faster every week managed the youngest finisher in a mere 1:41(depressing for some of the older members !!). James Walker was the first Strider back in 5th place overall. Pretty good results all round i would say.

Pos   Time  Name
 5 1:18:22 James Walker
 9 1:19:22  Sam Pearch
 18 1:24:00 Stephen Pezzutti
 25 1:26:21 Marcel Darling
 58 1:32:22  Ian Crompton
 59 1:32:30 James Cunningham
 82 1:35:43 Janusz Pudlowski
135 1:38:32 Wayne Stevenson
166 1:41:34  Luke Stevenson
264 1:48:17 Catherine Clifford
282 1:48:54 Carolyn Dyall
357 1:54:00 Julie Stevenson
394 1:58:16 Christine Purslow
408 1:59:35 Heather Turley
429 2:01:50 Christine Donald
445 2:03:16 David Keegan
455 2:05:07  Dave Nunn
456 2:05:07  Ian Barker

Markfield XC Sunday 18th November
Well i’m stunned at the turn out (36 Striders) and comments on facebook, well done all, more mud in two weeks then !! A big thank you for all turning up and that was reflected in the results regardless of age & ability, THIS IS A TEAM RESULT. There are individual results for men & Women & then a combined league table. Basically we are 1st Club (overall leagues 1 & 2), 1st Men (league 2), 2nd women (league 2). Lets keep this going.

Well done to Juniors: Chris Turley, Lucille Floch, Rose Buckley & Ethan Buckley (I’m sure have missed some but don’t have any details of positions).

Here are the times and positions;

Pos Time First name Surname Club Sex Class
8 00:34:27 James Walker Shelton M
18 00:36:35 Sam Pearch Shelton M
24 00:37:03 Robert Donald Shelton M
29 00:37:32 Martin Kerr Shelton M
41 00:38:24 Steve Pezzutti Shelton M
42 00:38:25 Marcel Darling Shelton M VM40
53 00:38:58 Shaun Cooper Shelton M
54 00:39:03 Ken Malton Shelton M
60 00:39:17 Stephen Hawkins Shelton M VM40
75 00:40:29 Patrick Munro Shelton M
114 00:43:15 James Cunningham Shelton M
147 00:45:29 Ian Millwall Shelton M VM50
161 00:46:25 Ludovic Floch Shelton M
184 00:47:43 Wayne Stevenson Shelton M VM40
196 00:48:18 Paul Brunt Shelton M VM40
244 00:53:06 Ciaran Guilfoyle Shelton M VM40
269 00:55:15 Dave Turley Shelton M VM40
291 00:57:41 James Realey Shelton M U20M
310 01:00:56 Stephen Wells Shelton M
316 01:02:42 Ian Crompton Shelton M VM40
319 01:03:10 Paul Webster Shelton M VM60
336 01:07:11 Darren Bradley Shelton M
337 01:07:44 Dave Nunn Shelton M VM40
10 00:47:24 Pascale Holden Shelton F VL40
27 00:52:00 Carolyn Dyall Shelton F
40 00:54:22 Kate Wray Shelton F
43 00:54:49 Gayle Gamble Shelton F
65 00:58:55 Silke Krieger Ford Shelton F VL40
71 01:01:00 Julie Stevenson Shelton F VL40
92 01:04:05 Heather Turley Shelton F VL40
97 01:04:31 Christine Purslow Shelton F VL50
103 01:05:01 Sandra Butcher Shelton F VL60
107 01:05:49 Kelly Craven Shelton F
112 01:06:31 Christine Donald Shelton F VL50
128 01:09:33 Vicki Hutchinson Shelton F
163 01:19:23 Lindsey Buckley Shelton F VL40

High Peak Relay – Sunday 11 November
7 of our Striders travelled over to Cromford for the High Peak relay. Shelton Striders came 17th out of 20 teams. There were 8 legs of varying distances from Cromford to Parsley Hay and back again. The team consisted of Dave Keegan who ran two legs, Louise Surgay, Paul Brunt, Steve Aynsley, Rachel Smith, Jez Smith and Andrew Simons.
Leg it round Lathkill – Sunday 11 November
There were two Headbanger events this weekend. The shorter event was Leg it Round Lathkil a 7.1 mile fell race near Bakewell. Alex Buckley was first in around 55 minutes, followed by a tight race to the finish for Janusz Pudliowski in 58.13 and Luke Stevenson 58.14. First lady Strider was Gail Hutchinson in around 1.09 followed by Julie Stevenson in 1.11 then Chris Donald and Chris Purslow in around 1.20 with Fiona Corden who limped in with a twisted ankle, but completed the course finishing the Striders line up.
Roaches Fell Race – Sunday 11th Movember
A mere 5 striders turned up to the annual mud bath known as ‘The Roaches’. This year the event had been increased from 15 to 18 miles, this in turn had reduced the normal field on runners by half. The weather held out yet again and the mud & excrement were nowhere near as deep as previous years. This event is not to be under-estimated even for experienced runners, did not deter Sam Pearch from doing his first (proper) fell race, as well as the usual suspects to battle it out in the last headbanger of the year to determine who would be champion. The lead changed several times between the 3 main contenders (Shaun, Rob & Marcel) & 1st back in 20th overall was Marcel Darling in 2hrs 57, although the following results were not enough to prevent Rob Donald from winning the championship with an awesome run coming in 27th overall in 3hrs 01, followed in by Kenny Malton in 3hrs 10, Sam Pearch in 3hrs 12 & Shaun Cooper in 3:19.
Shepshed 7 – Sunday 4 November
The unstoppable Dave Keegan ran the Shepshed 7 in 54.07 and finished 211th out of 513 finishers
Dovedale Dash placings.
Finishing order of the race as follows, this includes Striders, ex-Striders and family of Striders

28th overall Rob Donald 32:35, Unknown, Kenny Malton, Alec Care, Luke Stevenson, Gareth Brown, Janus Pudlowski, Unknown, Pascal Holden 41:19, Jez Smith, Carolyn Dyall, Gayle nee Hutchinson, James Realey, Paul Brunt, Nick Purslow, Steve Wells, Dave Nunn, Robin Hutchinson, Rachel Smith, Christine Purslow, Christine Donald, Jack Surgay, Vicky Hutchinson, Fiona Corden, Hayley Ho, Shaun Cooper, Alison Wynn and her son, Alison Nunn, Harriot Nunn, and Julie Stevenson and her daughter.

If I have missed anyone, apologies, but let me know and I will add them to the results, and can anyone let me know who the 2 unknowns are! I will then post the full results.
Dovedale Dash – 4th November
For anyone that is doing the dash this weekend, as the organisers are not handing out finishing certificates at the finish, getting places for the league will be interesting to say the least, so can you make a note of your time, and anyone from the club who finishes near you, I will then try to decifer the info for the results. Thanks.
Spooky Sprint 10K – Saturday 27th October
Two of our newest members, Adam & Lisa Morris made it over to Nottingham to complete the race for Parkinson’s disease. Adam finished 28 of 225 in 46:58 & Lisa ran in 58:34, well done to the pair you. To see more of what these two get up to visit
Worksop Half Marathon – Sunday 28th October
6 Striders made it over to the 31st Worksop Half Marathon. First back and welcome back to the club after a year or so away was Januz Pudlowski in 1:33:32, Followed in by Dave Keegan in 1:50:30, Christine Purslow 2:00:38, Silke Krieger-Ford 2:04:23, Vikki Hutchinson 2:13:00 & Fiona Corden 2:23:06 again well done to all and nice to see the Shelton girls out in force this weekend. X-Country is looming.
Preston Guild Marathon – Sunday 28th October
Only 3 Striders made it up to the penultimate championship race of the year for the event that is only held every 20 years. First back was Matt (the points monster) West in 3:11 followed in by Roger Booth in 3:13 and won the vet 60 class and Patrick Munro in 3:22. A big well done considering the injuries that you have been running with.
Passing Clouds Fell Race – Sunday 28th October.
7 Striders made it up to this fast paced fell run around the roaches with reasonably good weather although cold & very boggy under foot. First back in 15th of 205 James Walker (must of thought it was a 10k!) in a very good time of 1:19:52 followed in by Marcel Darling 33rd in 1:24:48, Rob Donald 36th in 1:25:17, Steve Hawkings 44th in 1:28:05, Kenny Malton 58th in 1:31:30, Alex Buckley 65th in 1:32:37 & Ian Crompton 115th in 1:44:10. I think that we all enjoyed the event and atmosphere which was swiftly followed by food & beer at the 3 Horse Shoes to defrost. This is the first of a second yearly visit to the pub,the next one will be for the Roaches fell race in 2 weeks time. More details of times & positions to follow.
Snowdon Marathon – Saturday 27th October.
Most of the club seemed to have made their way over to Wales for this popular but tough event to celebrate Paul Webster 60th birthday, you must all be really into this running thing. Commiserations to those that had problems on the day, you are still mad for trying so a big well done to all and Happy Birthday Paul. If someone who did the race can pass more details I will put on the web site.








































Palma 10K – Sunday 21st October.
Paul Brunt completed the Palma 10k on Sunday 21st October in a time of 49.56. It was a new course that went through the old town with many twists and turns along narrow streets and walkways, definitely not a fast course but an interesting one. It was a record field this year with over 9000 entries over the three races – 10k, half and full marathon. Well worth the trip with the added bonus of nice weather.
BUPA Great Birmingham Run – Sunday 21st October.
Meanwhile, the weather wasn’t so much of a bonus for the 18,000 runners taking part in the BUPA Great Birmingham Run half marathon on the same day. A lingering fog kept temperatures low which was a help once the run began but did make for a chilly start. Among the runners were two Shelton Striders – Philip Purslow ran an excellent 1.38.22 while Heather Turley finished in 1.59.31.
Dave Denton 5k (Championship Race) – Wednesday 17 October
Well done to all of those that turned out, as you may not know proceeds for these races go to charities that David supports in India. As suspected the racing snakes found they way down however where were the Shelton Girls, scared of running in the dark!! Note: There were several people not in club vests, come on this is your chance to do some advertising & is a condition for competing in the Championship, new members are forgiven.

Some of you also managed the Mile race as well, thanks for giving us a night off at the track and see you at Moorways on the 24th. The complete results for the Striders are:

Position Runner Time
 7 James Walker  17:01
 12 Martin Kerr  17:24
 25 Shaun Cooper  18:19
 27 Marcel Darling  18:22
 31 Luke Stevenson  18:52
 35 Mark Inman  19:01
 48 Matt West  19:45
 61 Jonathan Bird  21:13
 70 James Realey  22:04
 74 Adam Morris  22:29
 79 Dave Keegan  23:03
 82 Dave Turley  23:16
 83 Steve Cartwright  23:19

Chester Marathon – Sunday 7 October
Thanks to Paul Brunt for this report on the marathon and very well done

Ran the 3rd Chester marathon on 7th October 2012. This was my first marathon and I set myself a target of a sub 4 hour finish. I followed what I would call a less is more training approach, a long run about every week on top of the usual twice weekly club runs, to get the confidence that I would make it to the end injury free. The race went really well, with conditions ideal for a long run, a bit chilly at the start but the sun was shining and there was barely a breeze. The course was described as fast and mainly flat – mainly flat must be Cheshire speak for hilly as there was a few testing hills particularly on the second half of the course, which at that stage wasn’t fun! However the support around the course was fantastic and really helped spur me on to a 3:34:13 finish. A time with which I am extremely happy with.
Shelton Striders 10K & Fun run – Sunday 7 October
More than 300 runners took part in the Shelton Striders 10K race on Sunday. The race, previously known as the Merrill 10K, was organised by the running club from the Derby Canal Path near Boulton Lane, Allenton. The fast, flat race was won by Alastair Watson of Notts AC in 31:24, with Mark Powell finishing second in 33:04 and Stephen  Price of UK Net Runner third in 33:57. First Shelton Strider back was Shaun Cooper in 20th place in 37.48 while young Luke Stevenson posted a personal best in 40:14 to finish 44th while CheukShing completed the course in 47:27.

First lady back was Lisa Palmer of Heanor Running Club in 38:34 with Rachel Olivant of Derby AC next in 39:22 and Sarah Clarkson of Lichfield Running Club in 41:22. Shelton ladies were represented in the race by Alyson Woodcock (56:10), Sally Fox (57:46) and Lindsey Buckley (1:03:12).

With the club organising the race by itself for the first time, after years of partnership with Merrill College, most club members were involved in marshalling and organisation. Club chairman Graham Pickering said: “Feedback we have received suggests that the race went down well, and we’d like to thank everybody who took part and who helped in the months leading up to the race and on the day itself.”

The event also featured a two mile family fun run, which was won by Alec Stackhouse of Burton AC in 10:39 with Bailey Jones second in 11:37 and Shelton Strider James Realey third in 11:53. Next Strider to finish was Jack Surgay in 10th place in 13:09 while Owen Newham finished 13th in 14:35.
Tissington Trail Half Marathon – Sunday 7 October
Strider Kelly Craven took part in the Tissington Trail Half Marathon, finishing 125th in 1:54:10.
Golden Gates Gallop and Fun Run – Sunday 30 September
19 Striders were among the 101 runners who took part in the five-mile Golden Gates Gallop on Sunday. The race, which raises funds for Leukaemia Research, takes place in the grounds of Elvaston Castle Country Park. First back for the club and in third place in the race was James Walker in 28.45, followed closely by Martin Kerr in 28.55 and Rob Donald in 29.07

For the ladies, first Strider back was Liz Burgess in 36.43, 31st overall and fourth lady in the race. Next was Heather Turley in 41.08 and then Chris Donald in 42.58.

A two-mile fun run also took place at the event. First Strider home was Chris Turley in second place overall in 14.09, with James Realey hot on his heels in 14.13 to clinch third place overall. Fifth in the race and third Shelton Strider was Harry Trickey in 15.19.
Robin Hood Half Marathon – Sunday 30 September
Meanwhile, some club members opted to make the trip to Nottingham for the Robin Hood Half Marathon. First back for Shelton Striders was Darren Sheppard in 1.34.47. Next was Ludovic Floch in 1.35.49 while Carol McCorkindale achieved a personal best in 1.58.21.
Loch Ness Marathon – Sunday 30 September
Further a field, Dave Keegan took on the Loch Ness Marathon, which he completed in 4 hrs 12 mins and 5 seconds to finish 19th in his V60 age category.
New Forest Marathon and Half – Sunday 23 September
On a cold and wet Sunday morning Shelton Striders husband and wife team Wayne and Julie Stevenson made their way to the New Forest. Wayne opted for the full marathon, finishing 130th out of 577 runners in 3:41:57, while Julie took on the half marathon, finishing 790th out of 1597 runners in 1:55:24
Ashbourne Half and Fun Run – Sunday 16 September
16 Striders made up the 272 runners who took part in the challenging Ashbourne half marathon. Reigning club champion Sam Pearch led the club contingent in in 1:21:06 to finish fourth overall. Next was Steve Hawkins in 7th position in 1:24:53, while Steve Pezzutti completed the race in 1:25:41, 11th place. Two ladies represented the club. Cathy Clifford finished in 1:50:13 and Claire Hirons achieved another personal best in 1:59:41

The Ashbourne Lions Family Fun Run also had two Striders in the mix. Luke Stevenson finished second in 19:47 while Jack Surgay completed the course in 25:02, to finish in 27th place.
National Forest 10K – Sunday 16 September
Flying the flag for Shelton Striders at the National Forest 10K was Don Robey. This scenic off-road route takes runners along the Ashby Woulds Heritage Trail and the Ashby Canal. Don finished in 54:42.
Great North Run – Sunday 16 September
Four club members headed to Newcastle for the Great North Run. First back was Patrick Munro in an excellent 1:24:22 to get 335thplace. Close behind was Chris Millett in 1:24:33 in 345th place. Tom Purslow finished the race in 1:48:54 with Cath Rowe coming in in 2:00:11.
Colin Potter 10K – Monday 27 August
On Monday, the rescheduled Colin Potter 10K took place at Darley Abbey. The race was originally due to take place in early July but was postponed due to bad weather. First back for Shelton Striders and continuing an excellent run of form in fifth place overall was Steve Pezzutti in 37:50. Ian Crompton was next, in 40:45 (20th place), with Matthew West 25th in 41:11. First Strider lady back – fourth overall and first in her V35 age category – was Pascale Holden in 44:59, a great way to celebrate her 40th birthday! Carol McCorkindale completed the race in 53:55.
Bradbourne Fell Race – Sunday 26 August
On Sunday, five Shelton Striders took part in the 8.9 km Bradbourne Fell Race, organised by David Denton. Finishing 13th in the race and first Strider back was Rob Donald in 37:46, soon followed by Shaun Cooper, in 15th place in 38:49. Third Strider back was young Luke Stevenson in 41:31.
Burton 10K – Sunday 19 August
Six Striders travelled to Burton on Trent for the Burton 10K, organised by Hatton Darts. First Strider and fourth in the race was James Walker who finished in 35:27. Martin Kerr was the next Strider to finish, in 38:18, putting him in 13th place. Next in for the club was Liz Burgess in 48:59, 102nd place. A total of 260 runners took part in the race.
Belper Rugby Rover – Sunday 19 August
The hot sticky weather didn’t deter 21 Shelton Striders from taking on the challenging Belper Rugby Rover on Sunday. A total of 302 runners took on this hilly 30K course. First Strider back was Steve Pezzutti in 23rd place overall in a time of 2:22:23. Second Strider was Ian Crompton, 33rd overall in 2:32:27 with Steve Hawkins close behind in 38th place in 2:33:41.

First lady back for the club was Cathy Clifford in 3:23:41, 198th overall. Julie Stevenson posted 3:28:54 to finish 215th while Tracy Hepburn completed the course in 3:39:13, 241st. Several of the club members taking part in the race are preparing for the Snowdonia Marathon in October.

Ricky’s Race – 9th August and Headbanger update.
There were 6 striders at the Matlock AC race at Darley Dale. First home in 5th place was Rob Donald in 32.00, followed by Shaun Cooper in 35.06, Jonathan Bird in 38.10 and Alex Buckley in 38.11. Our first lady was Sandra Butcher in 47.06 followed by Chris Donald in 50.49.

Currently standings are Rob Donald is leading Marcel Darling and Shaun Cooper, all within 9 points of each other, and in the Ladies Sandra Butcher is leading Chris Donald by 3 points. But with 5 events still to go this could still change.

The Derwent River Relay – Saturday 7th July

We managed to put in 4 teams in to this 5km event held by Belper Harriers. The weather had already caused changes to the route (now 4.5k) but that did not deter many runners from local clubs from taking part, it was good to see a strong Shelton presence. The 1st leg started in blazing sun & humidity, the last finished in torrential rain. We all squeezed into the rugby club for a beer and a chat at the end. Thanks to everyone to took part and represented the club. Results with split times

Team 1 (vet): Pascale Holden: 17:35, Cathy Clifford: 19:44, Heather Turley: 20:52, Liz Burgess: 18:56. Overall time 77:07

Team 2 (vet): Dave Keegan: 19:33, Andrew Simons: 20:18, Kevin Milwain: 18:38, Marcel: 15:56. Overall time 74:25

Team 3 (vet): Marcel: 15:59, Ciaran Guilfoyle: 18:52, Paul Brunt: 17:50, Matt West: 17:30. Overall time 70:11

Team 4: Luke Stevenson: 16:33, Matt West: 17:27, Ludo Floch: 17:29, Patrick Munro: 17:01. Overall time 67:30
Riber Fell Race – Wednesday 27 June, 5miles 1000ft
Only 5 Striders made it to the Riber Run on this scorching evening that was very soft under foot. But that did not prevent some very good results in particular for Rob Donald who had competed in the Kinder Trog on the previous sunday. Rob 7th overall in 35:33, 11th Marcel in 38:15, very close behind Shaun 14th in 38:49, 76th Sandra Butcher 55:38 and 80th Christine Donald 59:41. The only question is where was everyone else?
Malvern Half Marathon – Sunday 24 June
1 Strider, Matt Bailey made it all the way over to this picturesque race around the Malvern Hlls, finishing 80th and setting a PB in time of 1:37 in a field of 575 runners.  Many of you do not know Matt but he ran the London Marathon on just 16 weeks training in a time of 3:32 which is pretty impressive. Maybe we will get to see him at some point!

Stone St Michaels 10K – Sunday 24 June
At the Stone St Michaels 10K there were 12 Striders in a field of 511 runners.  We were lucky that the bad weather had just about cleared, so we had good running conditions over a fairly flat course.  Sam Pearch was our first in 7th place in a personal best of 34:12.  Next were both Steve Pezzutti and Martin Kerr in 36:28, then Patrick Munro in 38:24 and Ian Crompton achieving his target of under 40 minutes in 39:44.  First lady for Striders was Pascale Holden in 42:53.  Cathy Clifford finished in 47:21, closely followed by Ciaran Guilfoyle in 47:37, Liz Burgess in 47:49 and Carolyn Dyall in 48:24. Dave Keegan finished in 50:16 and Heather Turley in 52:05

Kinder Trog – Sunday 24 June, 16miles 3500ft
There were 6 Striders at the Kinder Trog, weather conditions were generally dry, but with low cloud and wet underfoot after the rains, 1st back in 28th overall was Marcel Darling in 2:12:54, followed by Rob Donald in 2:19:19, Darren Bradley and Sandra Butcher 3:40:05, and the Christines Donald and Purslow in 3:58:00, the ladies all being 3rd in their respective categories.

Long Eaton 50 (51.7)
John Thornton and Harry Sloan completed the LE 50 miler on the 16th June in a touch over 10 hours on what was at times a wet day in 5th= overall.

Hairy Helmet Relays – Friday 15 June (confirmed placings)
We managed to field 3 teams in the second running of the event on what was a damp evening, fell shoes might have been more appropriate for the conditions.

Teams were, Ladies, Vicky Hutchinson, Fiona Corden, Cathy Clifford and Angie Lubojevic 2nd in category. Mixed, James Reilly, Andrew Simons, Vicky Hutchinson (again) and Sandra Butcher. Men, Ian Crompton, Ciaran Guilfoyle, Paul Brunt and Shaun Cooper, also 2nd in category.

Thanks For Vicky for stepping into the breach at the last minute to do 2 legs and for Shaun for taking the anchor spot for the men.

Full Sun Race
There were 11 at this years race, 3 men and 8 ladies.

Rob Donald and Paul Brunt were the first in, finishing together after some joint navigation, Darren Bradley was next in, after having a navigational issue in a field! Darren was closely followed by (he could hear them talking!) Cathy Clifford, Vicky Hutchinson, Fiona Corden, Sandra Butcher and Silke Kreiger-Ford-all finishing together! then by Judith Marriot and Carloyn Hopkinson.

Wincle Trout Fell Race
5 Striders ran for their supper at Wincle, Rob Donald was 7th in 41:35, followed by Marcel Darling 15th in 44:05, Sandra Butcher in 67:43, Christine Donald 71:47 and Fiona Corden 74:55.

Potters Arf – Sunday 10 June
The latest championship race was the “undulating” Potters Arf which includes the aptly named “Heartbreak Hill” at around 11.5 miles. Sam Pearch was first Strider home in 6th place in another fantastic time of 1 hour 17 mins 38 secs.  James Walker was next in 22nd place in 1:23:31.  A little further back were Matt West in 1:29:01 and Ian Crompton in 1:29:49, followed by Patrick Munro in 1:32:07.  Paul Brunt managed an excellent Personal Best of 1:35:40.

First lady Strider and second in F35 age category was Pascale Holden in another PB time of 1:38:52, second was Wendy Wheawall in 01:50:29 and third Louise Surgay in just 2 seconds over the 2 hour mark.  Our other finishers were Alaistair Boyd, Andrew Simons, Christine Purslow, Gareth Brown and Kelly Craven.

Long Eaton 5 – Sunday 10 June
First in on this popular 5 mile course for Striders was Luke Stevenson in a great time of 32 mins 55, followed by his dad Wayne, in 35:33 and then Ian Barker in 35:59, James Realey in 38:38 and Stephen Wells in 39:25.

First lady back for Striders was one of our newer members Vicki Hutchinson in 43:56.  Don Robey, Ann Adams, Margaret Cowling and Steve Aynsley also completed the run.

Castleton Fell Race – Friday 8 June
3 Striders made the journey out to Castleton on Friday for this 6 mile fell race with 1500ft of ascent. First home for the club in 15th place was Rob Donald in 50:59, followed by Marcel Darling in 54:14 and then Shaun Cooper in 62:39
Derby RSPCA Carsington 7 – Sunday 3 June
Cold, wet conditions didn’t stop Shelton Striders’ Luke Stevenson from an excellent performance at the Derby RSPCA Carsington 7 on Sunday. Luke finished eighth overall in 49.44, with Dad Wayne the next Strider to finish in 55.15. Cathy Clifford complete the course in 59.34 while Luke’s Mum Julie completed the Stevenson family line-up in 1:01:23.

Hairy Helmet Relay 15th June 6.15 for 7pm
We have 9 entrants (6men and 3 women) so far for the Hairy Helmet Relay on Friday 15th, teams are of 4, and you cannot run more than 1 leg per team, but you can run a leg in different teams, entry is £3 before per leg, or £4 on the night, signing on is at 6.15 for a 7pm start.

Oh, and there is a pint of beer for each entrant-when you have finished! Each leg is 2 and a bit miles around Darley Park, if you do the Wednesday night training, or the Boxing Day run, then you will know most the course. There were 67 teams last year, and many were corporate, so you will never be the slowest!

If anyone else wants to make a team, 3 more will make 3 teams, 7 will make 4! can they let me know by Monday night on the Hotmail address or call me, and if you have a preference of which leg you want to run, let me know, I will co-ordinate and send the entry on Tuesday.

Come on give it a try, here is the website

Chris Hopkinson 07739037890

Jubilee Garden Party on Friday 1 June

Normal club run but followed afterwards by our own little garden party at the club house. There will be Pimms, cucumber sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, fancy cakes. Please bring a contribution and PLEASE dress in redwhite and blue or something suitable. I am trying to arrange for the queen to attend!!

All welcome, Royalists or not!

Burton 10
Twenty Shelton Striders took part in the Burton AC 10 mile race on Sunday. There were some solid performances despite the heat on this two-lap course which features a testing hill as well as some pleasant running through the Washlands. Sam Pearch once again led his club home in an impressive 58:07, to finish third overall. Next Strider back was Martin Kerr in 1:03:26 with Steve Pezzutti close behind in 1:03:48. The first lady back for the club was Pascale Holden in 1:15:23, with Cathy Clifford third in her VL45 category in 1:20:23. Third Strider lady was Heather Turley in 1:29:50.

The event also features a 2.25 mile fun run. Strider Chris Turley finished third in this event in 15:03.
Sheffield Half Marathon
Not content with 10 miles, some Striders opted to head north for the Sheffield Half Marathon. Chris Sexton finished in 1:53:25, with Tracy Hepburn in 1:59:34 and Claire Hirons achieving a massive personal best of 1:59:36.
Edinburgh Marathon
Hoping for cooler conditions Strider Kelly Craven headed to Edinburgh to take part in her first marathon. She completed the course in 4.23.21, narrowly ahead of Shaun Cooper who finished in 4.23.44.
Brooksie Bash Long and Short – Sunday 20th May
Update: Photos on Facebook courtesy of Andy Brooks

On a cool day 26 Striders in total completed the events, 12 in the Short and 14 in the Long.

Short Results.  Marcel Darling was the first arrival in 56:47 (a new record), followed by Kenny Malton 1:02:05 and Jonathan Bird 1:10:08. The first ladies were Kelly Craven and Carolyn Dyall who crossed the line holding hands in 1:21:57, followed by Chris Moyers in 1:24:04 then Chris Purslow, Claire Hirons and Chris Donald all in 1:24:12, Alison Nunn in 1:33:45, Carolyn Hopkinson in 1:33:47, and Dave Thornton, after being “fashionably” late to the start 1:37:10.

Long Results. Sam Pearch 1:41:25 just ahead of Rob Donald in 1:41:26, Ian Crompton 1:48:24, Paul Brunt sprinting in ahead of Gareth Brown in 1:50:55 and 1:50:57, John Thornton 1:55:02, Shaun Cooper 2:01:18, David Askew 2:12:54, Darren Bradley 2:27:17, Chris Sexton 2:35:42, Harry Sloan and the first lady Tracey Hepburn 2:36:27, and Paul Webster and Heather Turley in 2:37:40.

Thanks to Andy Brooks for the timekeeping
Aston 10K – Sunday 13 May
On Sunday 25 Shelton Striders took advantage of the fine sunny conditions (proving to be a rare treat for racing lately) to take part in the Aston 10K. This surprisingly tough multi-terrain race around the South Derbyshire village attracted just over 100 competitors. First back for Shelton Striders and in third place overall was Sam Pearch in 35:37. In fourth place overall and second Strider was Martin Kerr in 37:08 while young Luke Stevenson continued his impressive run of form to finish 10th overall in 42:02.

Meanwhile Shelton’s ladies managed to claim the top three ladies’ places, with Pascale Holden in 45:34, Liz Burgess in 48:01 and Wendy Wheawall in 48:23.

The 2-mile fun run also had a strong contingent of Striders, with 15 opting for the shorter distance. Nathan Hill was second overall in 15:04, with James Realey third in 15:08 and Adam Boyd fourth in 15:54
Hinckley Half Marathon – Sunday 13 May
Also on Sunday two Striders travelled to Leicestershire for the Hinckley Half Marathon. Dave Keegan finished in 1:49:30 and David Askew in 1:51:04
Belfast Marathon – Monday 7 May
We had 2 runners in the Belfast Marathon – Darren Bradley finished in 4 hours 11 minutes 01 second and Amanda Lewis in 4 hours 59 minutes 34 seconds
Woodhouse Eaves Mayday Challenge – Monday 7 May
There were 13 Striders in the results for the race, 1st Strider in 6th place was Rob Donald in 1:30:55 followed in by Ian Crompton 12th in 1:38:33 and Luke Stevenson in 1:39:56, 1st Lady was Julie Stevenson in 2:02:40, other finishers were, Paul Brunt 1:44:37, Wayne Stevenson 1:46:49, Dave Keegan 2:01:39, Sandra Butcher 2:18:07, Chris Donald 2:20:26, Chris Purslow 2:20:27, Vicki Hutchinson 2:25:07, Fiona Corden 2:25:16 and Alison Nunn 2:42:11. Apologies if there were any other finishers that went down as “entrant on the day” .

Well done to all.

Lichfield Half Marathon – Sunday 6 May

9 Striders made it to the race which turned out to be a good course and weather on the day. 1st back for the club with a new PB and a very impressive 2nd overall in the race was Sam Pearch in 1:14.43, 2nd back was Matt West also with a new PB in 1:26:26 (the clock never lies), 3rd James Walker, 4th James Cunningham, 5th Ludo Floch, 6th  Pascale Holden, 7th Cathy Clifford, 8th  David Askew & 9th Heather Turley, well done.
London Marathon – Sunday 22 April
Last weekend saw 19 Striders completing the “Biggest” event of our running year – The London Marathon.

First in for Shelton was Sam Pearch in an outstanding 2 hours 42 mins 13 secs (very similar time to last year).  Next up were Marcel Darling (3:02:43), Stephen Pezzutti (3:03:31) and Steve Hawkins (3:04:05).  Matt West was next in 03:22:00, followed by three gents doing well in their age category (60-64) John Thornton (3:29:57), Harry Sloan (3:29:57) and Roger Booth (3:30:32), followed seconds later by Shaun Cooper (3:30:41).

Next came our first ladies – Julie Warner (3:42:32) and Catherine Clifford (3:43:11).

Our remaining runners, all getting good times were:-  Alex Buckley (3:47:01), Dave Thornton (3:51:31), Philip Purslow (3:52:28), Wendy Wheawall (4:10:40), Judith Marriott (4:20:26), Chris Purslow (4:23:44), Ian Barker (4:38:02) and Chris Donald (4:38:17).
Kinder Downfall – Sunday 22 April
In a very different part of the country, 2 Striders represented the club in the Kinder Downfall fell race – 9.6 miles, 1970′ climb.  James Walker was our first in – 41st place in 1 hour 24 and Sandra Butcher completed in 2 hours 12.
Peat Pits Wood & Shining Cliffs Fell Race – Sunday 8 April
Easter Sunday saw Shelton Striders running off their chocolate at the Peat Pit Woods Fell Races in Shining Cliff Woods. There were two options to choose from – 10K or 5K.

The 10K had a total of 107 runners tackling the challenging course. First Strider back in fourth place overall was Rob Donald, finishing in 49.26. Shaun Cooper completed the course in 21st place in 54.42 while 15 year old Luke Stevenson continued to prove his form in 58.41. Leading the Strider ladies home was Luke’s Mum Julie Stevenson in 84th place in 1.10.30 while Sandra Butcher finished in 1.18.06.

The only Strider to compete in the 5km race was Jonathan Bird who finished 11th in 42.15
Dave Nunn’s 5K to 20K – Wednesday 28 March
Results for the latest championship race

Loughborough Half Marathon – Sunday 25 March
Three Shelton Striders took part in the Loughborough Half Marathon on Sunday and despite the warm weather all posted pbs. Darren Sheppard finished 47th overall in 1.33.04 while Darren Bradley finished 109th out of the 538 finishers in 1.41.25. Completing the Shelton line-up was Mandy Lewis in 2.12.57.
Stafford Half Marathon – Sunday 25 March
Meanwhile, four Striders travelled over to Stafford for the half marathon. The field for this race was much bigger with 1978 competitors. Leading Striders home was the irrepressible Dave Keegan who finished 10th in his M60 category in 1.51.33. Heather Turley completed the course in 2.02.39 with Lynne Chapman following in 2.12.33 and Lisa Tatem in 2.33.58.
Wirksworth Incline Race – Sunday 25 March
Sunday also saw Striders represented at the Wirksworth Incline Fell Race, a four miler with a 400ft climb from Wirksworth to Middleton Moor. First back for the club and 41st overall was Wayne Stevenson in 33.49. Wayne’s wife Julie Stevenson and club team mate Steve Wells finished together in 37.46 with Fiona Devine completing the race in 39.29
Ashby 20 – Sunday 18 March
29 Striders made it over to Ashby on a cool & wet morning for a bit of a run round, with some pretty amazing results. There were a few first timers at this distance and a few PB’s, especially Christine Donald who manage a mere 30 minutes off last years time. Well done all. Winter training must have gone well.

24 02:05:26 Sam Pearch
26 02:05:42 Stephen Hawkins
62 02:13:36 Patrick Munro
77 02:15:35 Gareth Brown
82 02:15:58 Marcel Darling
92 02:17:09 Matthew West
172 02:28:21 Ludovic Floch
181 02:29:35 John Thornton
250 02:36:18 Harry Sloan
252 02:36:24 Shaun Cooper
261 02:36:46 Wayne Stevenson
324 02:40:55 Catherine Clifford
351 02:44:36 Paul Brunt
376 02:46:33 Ian Crompton
379 02:46:42 Julie Warner
380 02:46:45 Elliot Davis
402 02:47:48 Moira Birch
408 02:47:56 Adam Leighton
424 02:48:58 Mark Warner
457 02:51:18 Ian Barker
559 03:00:13 Darren Bradley
643 03:06:54 Louise Surgay
648 03:08:15 Kelly Craven
654 03:08:48 Judith Marriott
657 03:09:02 Christine Donald
682 03:13:01 Chris Purslow
751 03:24:36 David Keegan
769 03:26:47 Stephen Wells
773 03:27:52 Amanda Lewis

Grindleford Gallop – Sunday 10 March
Don’t know much about the event other than 4 Striders made it back from 22 miles of off road goodness.

Jez Smith 4hr 11
Rachel Smith  4hr 13
Darren Bradley  4hr32
Amanda Lewis 4hr 32
Trafford 10K – Sunday 4 March
One daring Strider made it up to this high class event at Trafford Park coming in 64th position. James Walker managed to take over a minute off his previous PB, now a scorching 33:52.
Weston Run – Sunday 26 February
This week the Striders turned out in their masses as we had over fifty runners amongst the total of 310 at the Weston Run on Sunday.  Despite being a bit earlier this year, it was a beautiful morning with near perfect running conditions and the race was well organised as always.

5 of the top 10 runners were Striders, which means that Shelton won the team prize.  First in for Striders was James Walker in 3rd in 27.34, followed by Sam Pearch in 4th at 28.13.  8th, 9th and 10th were Martin Kerr, Steven Hawkins and Stephen Pezzutti all under 30 minutes.  Roger Booth won the M60 category in a time of 33.20, not far in front of Luke Stevenson who was fastest Junior male in 33.51.  First 3 Shelton Strider Ladies in were Pascale Holden in (4th female and F35 prize) in 35.29, followed soon after by Liz Burgess in 36.44 and Caroline Howells in 37.55.  Our final award winner was Graham Barrett in the M70 category in 41.24.

The winner of the Fun Run was Chris Turley in 12.58, in 3rd place was Nathan Hill in 13.39 and in 5th James Realey in 14.03.  These were followed up by another strong following of young Striders, many with supporting parents joining them.

Many of the team came away with PBs and all had a good day!  Well done Striders!
Derby Runner XC Final – Ullesthorpe (Sunday 19 February)
The final race of the Derby runner league took place at Manor farm, which was arguably the toughest XC race of the season with plenty of ploughed farms field to get through than has been the norm in recent seasons. Luckily there was a stream crossing towards the end to clean us up before finishing.

From over 200 male finishers James Walker finished 7th then followed by Rob Donald in 20th, both have been very consistent this season and received prizes during the presentation that took place after the race.

Other finishers were: Ian Millward, Paul Brunt, Luke Stevenson and Dave Turley.

From 90 female finishers: Caroline Howells, Silke Krieger-Ford, Julie Stevenson, Kelly Craven, Sandra Butcher, Chris Purslow, Carolyn Dyall, Christine Donold and Alison Nunn.

Luke Stevenson also won the Junior race with Chris Turley in 3rd place.

Hopefully next season we can get all our best guys out and get the men’s team promoted to the A-league as we arguably have one of the best men’s teams in the league! Think team commitment!

Presentation Prizes (For individual results of the first 5 races)

  • James Walker (2nd SM and 4th overall)
  • Sam Pearch (5th SM)
  • Rob Donald (6th SM)
  • Sandra Butcher (2nd V60)
  • Luke Pickering (Special Award)
  • Luke Stevenson (1st 11-12 Boys)
  • James Realey (2nd 11-12 Boys)
  • Chris Turley (2nd 9-10 Boys)

Prizes can be collected from James on a Friday, when he is next down the club!

Charnwood Hills – Sunday 5 February
Three of our intrepid Striders braved the snow to get to and compete in the Charnwood Hills Fell Race, a 14 mile event organised by Bowline Climbing Club – the only fell race in Leicestershire.

There were a total 289 competitors in the race.  Not put off by the conditions, Allan Barber put in a stirling effort and  took home the prize for 1st Vet 60, completing the race in 2:37, followed in by Dave Keegan in 2:47 and Sandra Butcher 2:55.

Wilmot Wander – Sunday 29 January
Nine brave Shelton Striders took part in Sunday’s Wilmot Wander, a 32 mile event around Derby organised by the Long Distance Walkers Association and open to runners and walkers. The route takes participants over strenuous hilly sections, field paths, parkland and canal towpaths.

First back for the club was Marcel Darling in 4 hrs 51 with team mate Shaun Cooper close behind in 5.06.

Next, a team comprising Harry Sloan, Alex Buckley and John Thornton, finished in 5.26.

Then 15 year old  Luke Stevenson did superbly to finish with Dad Wayne and former Strider Gary Cooper in 6 hrs exactly.

Completing the Striders line-up was Darren Bradley in just under 6.45.

(Official results are yet to be confirmed so these are taken from the runners’ own timings)

Club Presentation Night – Saturday 21 January
On Saturday 21st January Shelton Striders held its annual Presentation Night at Nunsfield House, Boulton Lane, Alvaston. Awards were handed out in several categories. The road race championship saw club members compete in 15 races, from the Weston 5 in March to the Worksop Half Marathon in October. 103 members took part altogether, and the club champions for 2011 were Sam Pearch and Pascale Holden. Pascale found out the same day that she has been selected as a reserve for the county cross country team.

The off-road Headbanger competition included some tough races including the Passing Clouds Fell Race and Kinder Trog as well as the Dovedale Dash and Roaches Christmas Cracker. This year’s winners were Judith Marriott and Shaun Cooper. The club also holds its own internal club handicap competition where members aim to improve on their individual times between legs of the competition. The two mile series was won by Andrew Simons while Kelly Craven took the crown for the four-mile event.

Younger members of the club were also rewarded for their efforts in the fun run competition – the club champions here were Adam Boyd and Jade Lewis. Club person of the year, nominated by members and voted for by the committee was Dave Turley and the club’s Unsung Hero for 2011 was Gail Thompson who provides wonderful behind the scenes support.