Hairy Helmet Results 2024

It’s June and the Hairy Helmet. It can only mean one thing – rain and it did!

Well done to the Male Super Vets Over 200 for winning their category.

Great night as always.

Team nameTeam membersTimesOverall TimeCategoryCategory Position
Dirty Rotten StridersRichard Tissington14:2900:57:33Male Super Vets Over 2001
 Neil Realey14:10   
 Brian Thomas15:31   
 Paul Pearce13:21   
The Shelton SupremacyKenny Malton13:040057:36Male Vets Over 1603
 Richie Wheatcroft15:24   
 Patrick Munro14:52   
 Ben Clarke14:15   
Natural Born StridersJames realey16:2501:07:09Male Vets Over 16012
 Leo Pickford15:29   
 Dave Sullivan15:28   
 William Luesley19:46   
The Lost StridersMatthew Glazier16:5601:07:50Male Vets Over 16013
 Daniel Butcher18:15   
 Tim Spate16:38   
 Andrew Lucas16:01   
Lock, Stock and Four Smoking StridersSam Spate19:1601:17:33Female Vets Over 1604
 Lyndsay Butcher22:47   
 Rachel Farrow19:01   
 Pascal Holden16:27   
Gone with the StridersTracy Hepburn22:2201:25:59Mixed Super Vets Over 2007
 Ian Crompton18:11   
 Paul Webster21:44   
 Louise Hart23:40   
Striders with AttitudeCarolyn Derbyshire18:2901:28:56Female Sup Vets Over 2004
 Naimah Hameed22:42   
 Angela Monk21:18   
 Sue Kinross26:25