Race Results 2024

Race Results – Carsington 7+ and Outlaw Triathlon

11Striders travelled north to run the Carsington 7+, which is 7.5 miles or 12ish km depending if you use imperial or metric. Excellent runs by Martin Kerr (2nd) and Kenny Malton (12th), and by all the Striders who took part.

Martin Kerr3M402200:45:3000:45:30
Kenny Malton352MSEN121100:49:5200:49:52
Richard Tissington494M50232200:52:3500:52:35
James Realey579MSEN393600:55:0900:55:04
Paul james Roome445M40434000:55:4300:55:42
Sally Leyland340F401291501:04:2601:04:21
Christopher Sharp461M4513111501:04:2901:04:09
Matthew Glazier242M4515613301:06:5101:06:45
Hazel Baxter120F452274901:12:1701:11:52
Gloria Lowe346F352325201:12:5101:12:31
Amanda Wilson532F553139601:19:4101:19:17

And finally in other news …….

Patrick Munro completed the Outlaw Half Triathlon in 4:52:45, which is impressive in itself, but it included a 1:42:56 half marathon – well done Patrick!