Parkrun Results – 9th July 2022

Yesterday it was time for our latest round of the Striders Parkrun Championships at a very warm and sunny Alvaston. For this round, our Parkrun Championship organiser Charli Land came up with a brilliant idea for bonus points – a ‘naked’ parkun! (thankfully for everyone present at Alvaston this just required removing our watches rather than anything else!). The idea here is that we all predicted our finish time beforehand, then tried to run to this time without watch assistance. It was very refreshing to ‘just run’ on feel rather than regularly checking pace etc which some of us are guilty of! Thanks for this idea Charli, we really enjoyed it!

We had a massive 36 Striders running in total, across 5 parkruns, with 32 of these at Alvaston! Those eagle-eyed amongst you may spot this is one higher than the stats. Unfortunately our chief photographer Eamonn Hughes picked up 2 barcodes with his daughters details, meaning he accidentally scanned in as a 19 year old lady! (who had already scanned in, so he got no time!) Gutted for you mate, as we know how much you put into the run. Thanks for all of your brilliant pics though :)

We also had 4 lovely Striders volunteering at Alvaston, so thanks very much to Angela Monk, Louise Hart, Rob Higson and Ray Evans! Thanks also to Ana Hagan for cheering us all on!

As for the run itself – congratulations to Paul Pearce for completely nailing it! He was so far clear in 1st place, 53 secs clear in fact, and only 6 secs off his PB! Matt Bailey came 3rd and got his PB! Jamie Atkinson flew round in 4th place only 3 secs off his PB! Well done to Steve Cartwright who continued his excellent form and also PB’d, fantastic running everyone, especially in the heat!

Elsewhere, Martin Kerr switched to Shipley and came in an impressive 2nd place, getting a course PB in the process! Well done mate!

Tourists this week were Tim Bentley down at Eastleigh (near Southampton), which he did before his first ever music festival (which had a cracking 80s line up!), Chris Halliday was down at Brueton (near Solihull) for his first run there. Then up in South Shields Jonny Branch had his first go and came 2nd place, narrowly pipped to the 1st spot by a South Shields local, great running all of you!

Remember we have our next Striders Tourist trip to Colwick coming up on the 23rd July and we also have an ‘Alvaston Parkrun takeover’ on the 30th July, which is where we are taking on all of the volunteering duties for that day! Please contact Pascale Holden if you’d like to help out, thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Eamonn now has his result, so he’s in! :)

Alvaston parkrun (269 runners)

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
1 1 Paul PEARCE 00:17:12
3 3 Matt BAILEY 00:18:11
4 4 Jamie ATKINSON 00:18:25
9 9 Andrew MILLER 00:19:06
10 10 Kenneth MALTON 00:19:11
17 17 Robert HUTCHINSON 00:20:04
18 18 Tim SPATE 00:20:23
25 25 Richard JACKSON 00:21:05
29 28 Paul James ROOME 00:21:41
35 34 Richard TISSINGTON 00:21:56
36 2 Pascale HOLDEN 00:22:08
37 35 Sam KITCHEN 00:22:09
48 3 Liz PHILLIPS 00:23:18
57 53 Max ATKINSON 00:23:36
68 62 Ian CROMPTON 00:24:06
69 63 David GREEN 00:24:09
108 91 Steve CARTWRIGHT 00:25:49
119 97 James REALEY 00:26:42
122 19 Samantha JAMES 00:26:56
129 100 Matthew HENNING 00:27:09
137 106 Steven OLIVER 00:27:37
143 28 Sally CARTWRIGHT 00:27:52
150 31 Amanda WILSON 00:28:14
157 117 Paul WEBSTER 00:28:41
169 37 Alex HALL 00:29:15
193 138 Eamonn HUGHES 00:31:33
196 140 Paul PHILLIPS 00:31:41
206 56 Rachel FARROW 00:32:47
208 57 Margaret COWLING 00:33:03
226 69 Charlotte LAND 00:35:12
228 149 Stephen AYNSLEY 00:35:26
231 150 Luke BREMMER 00:35:52

Shipley Country parkrun (157 runners)

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
2 2 Martin KERR 00:18:01

Eastleigh parkrun (248 runners)

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
152 103 Tim BENTLEY 00:32:13

Brueton parkrun (346 runners)

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
33 28 Christopher HALLIDAY 00:21:49

South Shields parkrun (230 runners)

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
2 2 Jonathan BRANCH 00:18:45