2020 Stay At Home Handicap Round 1 – 17th April 2020 (Details)

This event is only open to club members. But the club is always open to new members…
Sign on 18:30 – well it’s tradition. Get your satellites in plenty of time.

Ideally everyone starts at 19:00 so similar temperatures etc. Run an either 2 or 4 mile circuit. If you want to cut off at 2 or 4 then fine but I will adjust times if you run longer. laps, out and back, a single circuit – any way you want to so long as it’s on foot. Send your proof of distance and time to ME at:-


This is IMPORTANT because Facebook doesn’t tell us all about everything and while I’d encourage you to share your results on this Facebook I don’t want to miss anyone – EMAIL is far more reliable and helps me enormously.

I need results within 24 hours but the run should have been done Friday evening (see above)

We could be locked down for most of the season so let’s do this and do this well. I am looking forward to seeing your results which will take longer than normal to compile. But share your results in the meantime.

Remember that this series can be won by the slowest more easily than the quickest.

Club vests very much encouraged. Go Striders!