A Run For Andy – 9th/10th November 2019

I have lifted a lot of these words from Sam Pearch. 

There is a lot of interest to do something in memory for Andy Holden.

I am looking at putting together a run that combines his love for rugby with how he supported and volunteered for the Striders.

The plan – Start at the home of rugby Twickenham Stadium and run to Andy’s rugby club Melbourne, going via the National Arboretum in honour of his military connection.

Looking to do it on the Armistice weekend 9-10th November

The mileage could be in the region of 150+ miles, now a Striders team did a similar distance at an event last year and Andy was the support driver – so I know it’s doable, plus we are Striders. 

By road it’s 162 miles.

We will need to sort the route, minibuses, drivers, obviously runners, support – we will do it on a relay format and break the distance down into stages/ sections.

I know Andy would have supported this because it’s very much him, he would have jumped at the chance to be a driver.

I’m extremely keen to do this and start putting a detailed plan together. Sam Pearch

Interest is very high and an off road route with minibus rendezvouses is being worked on. The number of people involved either proposing to run or to support (or both) is very large and the plan is for all who want to come along, to come along and participate in whatever capacity.

There are some people that can’t do the whole trip for one reason or another. Me, I’m one of them but I still want to be involved. Others can’t be involved at all for various reasons. I am planning on running out from Melbourne towards the approaching runners and at some point meet them and finish their run with them. But planning for the entire trip is in the early stages and there is time for plans to form and harden before the day.