Race Results 2019

Marsden to Edale – Trigger Race – 13th January 2019

“Chuffin brutal. But faster than last year and navigation in shite vi[s]ability was spot on! Glad it’s over though. Feel battered!”


“Clag, bogs, river crossing, lost (misplaced) on Bleaklow, 50mph wind and the Downfall blowing back as hail. Character forming.
Note I was 40 mins quicker last year and about the same place so this year was harder, even with the slightly longer new route. Emma and Rebecca did well as they were 17 mins quicker than last year.”


And with 18 retirees out of 182 starters (10%) it really was tough. Neither runner complained though and both claim fell running is more fun than road. This leads me to 1 of 2 possible conclusions: (1) It really is fun; (2) It damages your reasoning and so wears down the barrier between fun and non-fun so you can no longer tell them apart. Me? I’m going with (2).

Seriously though it sounds spectacular and I’d love to have been there, on a patch of tarmac with friendly marshals making sure I didn’t lose my way. Well done guys! Impressed.

Pos Time  
119 06:03:04 Richard  Green 
151 06:50:06 Chris Duro
156 07:05:50 Emma Roe
157 07:05:50 Rebecca Emerton