Race Results 2018

Great Langdale Marathon – 20th October 2018

Describing itself as “THE TOUGHEST UK ROAD MARATHON” this event is far from flat. It boasts 3,400 ft of ascent. And five pubs? The marathon is two laps of the half marathon circuit so is that 2.5 pubs per lap or 10 visits in total?

A beautiful, challenging marathon course set in England’s most spectacular mountain scenery. The Langdale Marathon has a reputation as the toughest road marathon in the UK. Taking in two laps of the Half Marathon course and reaching gradients of 1:3

Sam Pearch took on this event coming home 8th in 3:23:55 on a very damp day. Well done Sam!

Well what a great day – started with a 5am get up and leaving at 6am. We arrived at Sticklebarn just after 9:30 and by then it had been raining for over 1 hour, it looked like it had set in for the day.
Quick race brief – explaining about marshals, a little on the course, usual sort of stuff really – then a speech from Rod Berry who set this race up 30 years a go.

A count down from 5 and a go – we are off, steady first mile then we got our first hill 25% gradient for about a mile. After that it was up/ down, up/ down this course is not taking any prisoners, at around 10/11 mile we get the 2nd big hill. Then it’s back to Sticklebarn for the second lap and do the same again.😉🤪
It rained for the whole 26.2 miles, got heavier on the second lap – I wore my new Peter Storm coat and it was a good decision, it gave me some warmth more than keeping me dry – it was that really wet rain (soaks you right through).
We are continuing with using Tailwind and really am seeing the benefits of it, no need for gels anymore.

The min/mile pace I set out for today was always going to be tough and maintain, what’s really confusing and can’t quite believe – going uphill 9:07 min/mile Going downhill 6:53 min/mile that just shows how extreme the downs and ups were. But amazingly achieved average 7:48 min/ mile, which is what I was aiming for – I love it when a plan comes together 👍🏻

With the experiences I’ve had from running over the years gives you a lot of toughness, hardiness and you do feel a little invincible, I always run well in the rain.
Many people have asked me over the years how can you continue to do race after race and on the road, as road can be seen as boring. It’s simple really I just can, I shut everything down in my head and don’t really have any thoughts. Legs look after everything else, I was born to run.

Great day out – a quick change, a pint whilst listening to some folk music sat on hay bales. And we are now on our way back for something to eat and comforts of home. To have Cath and the kids there once again is amazing, I need them.

Sam Pearch