Ladybower 50 – 23rd September 2018

“The route is one of the best runs in the area. It is extremely popular with runners, cyclists and walkers alike. The route a looped circuit of the Ladybower and Derwent reservoirs. “ 

A couple of Striders took a crack at this one but only one managed to finish. Sam Pearch finished 3rd in a stonking time of 7hrs 22mins. Fantastic running Sam – well done!

Laps, emphatic finish, swearing runner

Left home at 5:45am for the hour ish drive to Ladybower, felt very organised with everything prepared last night.
Parking for the race is a nightmare, I wanted to get a parking space near to the registration tent – because you go to the tent after each lap to check in and the car was before the tent, so it worked perfectly to fill my bottles.
It was on my mind, is it going to rain today as the forecast said – I don’t mind rain but I was prepared for it just in case.

Nice to see Wayne Stevenson there and also doing the 50 hopefully if his injury doesn’t cause problems.

Race brief was short
Forestry commission have been taking trees down and it has left a section of the route as a mud bath.
Keep to the path, close any gates, wave to any of the forestry wardens as very grateful to them for allowing the race, don’t interfere with the sheep.
50 and 35 mile races start at 8am, 20 mile race starts at 8:30am.

We were called forward and started bang on 8am, my pace started out really good – some maybe silly quick miles just under sub 8min/mile, but I had decided I would switch off in my head and let the legs run how they wanted to and what was comfortable.
5 mile lap done, checked in – didn’t need anything from the car
1st 15 mile done, topped bottles up with tailed wind, checked in – everything feels great. Because all 3 races are on the same course, no idea what place I’m in.

2nd 15 mile done, bottles refilled again, then had Huel for the first time 400ml so had a good relax sat in the boot of the Zafira no need to rush. Felt a bit rough and tired after this lap, maybe it was down to some of the silly early quick miles but didn’t mind. Still letting the legs dictate the pace, if it slows that’s fine.

Set of for the last 15 mile – still feel a bit rough but adopted a walk the uphill, run the flat and downhill.
Didn’t know at the time about what place I was, but 2 runners passed me putting me into 4th.

5 miles to go and look to the opposite bank and can see runners coming, had no intention of racing today but we are now – nobody is catching me.
Decided to run 2 miles nonstop, that should keep them away – with doing this I noticed I was catching one of the runners that passed me earlier, so thought I’ll run another mile nonstop then the 4th mile as well. Breezed passed him and he swore, had a quick look at my watch – I’m running sub 8 min/mile again with nearly 50 mile in my legs, I felt a massive high going through my body.

What a finish that was

3rd place in 7:21:59 on my watch, I’ll take that for saying I hadn’t planned on racing.

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