Friday Night Reboot

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your feedback, comments, messages etc – it’s all been very helpful.

I really want just as much as you to see Friday night club run to be for all, friendly, a community, a social, as it says in the title – a club run. I’ve always seen Fridays at the club to relax/ hold back on your pace, make it feel like a comfortable/ enjoyable run after all the training that is put in throughout the week and helps you go into what you have planned for the weekend hopefully with a spring in your step.

I have put together a plan for us to follow on 7th September, it may have some teething issues but use the night to get things going and then we can adjust from there and going forward.

Using your feedback I have devised 4 pace groups – we are dropping the fast,med, slow labelling and instead they will be identified by pace.

Group 8- 8:30 min/mile group leaders – Patrick Munro, Sam Pearch, Pascale Holden

Group 9- 10 min/mile group leaders – Amaris Alice, Stephen Wells, Lee Meakin

Group 12-14min/ mile group leaders Gerry Mayfield, Marie Standley

Group 15min/mile + still need volunteers

Going forward we are looking at getting something like tabards to identify each pace group leader. 

Pace will fluctuate throughout the run, so group leaders will spread themselves out within the group and re-group where possible/ if needed so everyone is together for majority of the run.

Group leaders will/ may change each week due to availability because holidays, other commitments, etc. But prior to the run, you will know who is doing what pace.

Don’t push yourself to achieve a pace, slow it down and relax and pick the group that is best for a comfortable run.

If anybody else is willing to help out with pacing then please let me know. Also any ideas, feedback, improvements will be welcomed.

It would be great to see a packed out clubhouse to start everything off, if you can’t make it don’t worry – hopefully see you there.

Smiles eats miles


Sam (Welfare Committee member)