Dada Open Track Meeting – Results

I see you had put the track open series on the event calendar but couldn’t find much info about them so you asked if anyone had ‘any more words’. Alas… I have some words!! :)
I’ve done 3 out the 4 of them so far and finding them really enjoyable well organised events. Entrants are predominantly juniors but there are a few seniors like myself taking part.
On Tuesday I ran a 4:42 for the 1500m and then 9:57 in the 3000m.
Some of our junior members, though competing officially for Derby AC, were also there and ran really well so worth a mention (Jack Surgay, Leah Thomas, Will Atkinson and Josh Cotton I think, unless I’ve missed any). [Sadly Leah is no longer a member although Megan Emerton is. Leah seemed to set a PB, as did Megan and Will. ]
There’s one one left in the series next month [3rd July 2018 at Moorways], but maybe a wee mention on the website could encourage some others to come along as I’ve been the only Striders vested one out there so far!!
Only £5  to take part in up to 2 events and there’s photo finish for precise timing. Bargain!

1500 SX 2      
Pos Perf Name PB
3 04:42.3 Martin Kerr 04:33.9
1500 SX 3      
Pos Perf Name PB
4 05:08.4 William Atkinson 05:08.4
1500 SX 4      
Pos Perf Name PB
3 05:21.6 Joshua Cotton
4 05:26.3 Megan Emerton 05:26.3
3000 SX 1      
Pos Perf Name PB
1 09:57.2 Martin Kerr 09:45.8
3 10:37.4 Jack Surgay 10:33.8