Race Results 2018

Derby 10k Fun Run – 15th April 2018

The 3k Fun Run is part of the Fun Run championship. However the fun runners came flying at us and best we could do was to keep up with the medals! Megan was second girl home. One young chap ran to the barrier and started hand slapping the crowd in a true winner’s style – he’s my hero although he didn’t win. Great running guys!

Josh Cotton 11:56

Megan Emerton 12:18

Molly Emerton 13:13

Ethan Buckley 13:47

Jethro Holden 14:34

Freddie Foulkes 14:50

Lucy Cartwright 17:54

Pirran Holden 18:50

Arthur Foulkes 20:00

Luke Bremmer 24:04