Ashby 20 – Hoodies


You have I guessed seen the communications from the event organisers about Hoodies and Refunds (see below)?

Sam Pearch will be picking these up and distributing them in exchange for race numbers – where you have chosen the appropriate option (But if you don’t choose then you don’t get your hoodie – Sam will have a list so make sure you have chosen a hoodie if that’s what you want). He intends bringing them to club on Friday 6th, alternatively you can make arrangements with Sam on how to get yours.

Hi all,
Many thanks for your continued show of support for us on social media – your feedback has been invaluable in crafting our response.
With a clearer picture of costs we cannot avoid, we have worked out the options below that reflect the financial loss the event can stand, without jeopardising the future of the race.
Firstly, we can confirm that ALL runners on the 2018 start list will receive priority entry to the 2019 race at the prevailing entry fee.
Secondly, you can click via the link in the email you have received (in INSTRUCTIONS section) to access your entry on SiEntries and choose ONE of the following FOUR options:
1. Please keep my entry fee, I don’t want a hoodie;
2. Please give me a hoodie,
3. Please give me a £10 refund, or
4. Please give me a £10 refund and a hoodie.
You have until midnight on Saturday 31st March to respond; if there is no response Option 1 applies.
By then we will know the least-cost option to get hoodies to you – we have seen some great suggestions on social media and will keep you informed. Please hold on to your number as we may distribute by hand locally and will want your number as proof of entry.
Any monies not refunded will be used firstly to guarantee the continued running of the event, and then a donation to charities including Teenage Cancer Trust.
Any hoodies not sent out will firstly be sold to our volunteers to mitigate event losses, with the surplus hoodies donated to local charities.
More details can be found in the Cancellation Q & A’s under the Event Info tab on the Ashby 20 website.
Thank you for being great Aldi Ashby 20 supporters
Aldi Ashby 20 Race Committee