Road Championship – Mystery Race

So you may have noticed there is a empty space on the Road Championship for a race.
I had an idea come to me last night whilst I was at work building dashboards, it made the night shift a little bit more interesting as I pieced the idea together in my head. I have thought of something else but keeping quiet on that for now.

I’m going to call it the Mystery Race, what is the race – I don’t know because you will decide that.

Throughout the season we do plenty of races that aren’t in the championship, well this season I’m going to recognise your achievement for one of those races with some points.

Rules – we’ll keep this simple and fair for all.
1. Distance any 10k or half marathon, go abroad if you want to.
2. Date – between these dates 28/01/18 till 31/12/18
3. Terrain – it has to be a road race
4. You will be awarded 50 pts
5. The mystery race can only be used once, it will be the first non championship race you run.
6. Ramathon AKA The Asda Foundation Derby Half Marathon, can not be used due to our commitment as volunteers and pacers.

So if you run a race that is non championship and falls within the rules above, make sure you let us know so your points can be updated.
You can inform me or Gerry via email, Facebook messenger.
If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask

Keep enjoying your running- let’s see what you do, what races you will do and maybe how far you will travel.