Race Results 2017

Starlight Trails Relay Series – rounds 1 and 2

I have to admit to taking my eye off the ball with these races – sorry guys.

Round 1

The club standing in this series did not get off to the best of starts as we didn’t have a male team entered just one female team and a few mixed teams. Perhaps this says something about the club being a true equal opportunities club? 

The Starlight Express team of Kenny Malton, Pascale Holden, Rachel Farrow, and Shaun Cooper came home second but first mixed team in a time of 26:02. 

The Trailing Behind team of Ian Jones, Charlotte Convey,Kate Johnson and David Green came home 13th in a time of 31:35.

The Night Striders team of Julie Corby, Dave Thornton, Liz Phillips and Paul Phillips came home in 16th place in a time of 33:44.

The Cajoloch team of Chris Purslow, Louise Surgay, Carolyn Hopkinson and Jo Gregory were the only club all female team and came home in 21st place in a time of 36:01.

Also, as is the nature of relay events, some members ran with non-club members. Vicki Alldread ran with a Severn Trent team that came home 17th in 34:02. 

Charlotte Kirby and Nurkan Dogruel ran in a team that came came home in 18th place in a time of 34:16 with, notably, Charlotte running two legs.

Alison Flower ran in a team that came home 5th in a time of 29:43.

I expect I’ve missed at least one person there so please shout up.

Round 2

The nature of the series says that each round is longer and more challenging than the previous.

The unchanged Starlight Express team came home 3rd in a time of 01:10:24 while a new team called “Back of the Field Fellrunners” made their appearance for the first time. Richard Green, Emma Roe and Paul Brunt ran as a male team (???) with Richard running 2 legs and the team coming home 12th in a time of 01:17:19.

Trailing Behind came home 21st in a time of 01:23:52.

Night Striders had a couple of substitutions and their line up was now Matthew Henning, Julie Corby, Liz Phillips and Tim Stainforth and they came home 30th in 01:28:34.

Cajoloch came home 32nd in a time of 01:28:54 but having substituted Louise for a non-club member and changed categories to a mixed team(???)

Nurkan Dogruel was out, once again, but this time running two legs with a team mate taking the other two and coming home 35th in a time of 01:32:06.

Vicki Alldread was out in the same team and coming home 34 in a time of 01:30:26.

Alison Flower was also out once again in the 26th team home in a time of 01:26:08.

Great running everyone. The series seems to be off to a great start and will, hopefully, become a regular feature of the calendar.