Race Results 2017

Full Sun Run – 17th September 2017

Using the new and improved route, we had just 11 Striders out today. First back in 1hr, 14mins and 20 seconds was Marcel Darling. Next in were Darren Sheppard, and Dave Turley in 1:45:25 and 27.The first ladies were Chris Purslow, Kate Johnston, Helen Andrews and Kelly Craven, all at 1:47:25. And Fiona Corden, Carolyn Hopkinson, Heather Turley and Dave Keegan at 1:53:25. We had a few apologies on the day for various reasons, the best being “I thought is was a Full Moon not a Full Sun, so they were ready with head torches for tonight!!!! Well done to all, and some more money for the club charity.

Chris Hopkinson