Insomnia 24 – 27th August 2017

This 24 hour ultra saw two Striders travel to the National Forest for an event described as:-

“The course consists of a 10km off-road loop through woodlands and fields and parts of the National Forest Way. You can expect panoramic views, a challenging terrain and lots of support and encouragement along the way!

Whether you’re running through the Ludlam Woods, jogging past the eye-catching Cattows windmill or sleep walking past the stone circle there’s plenty to keep you occupied along the way….how many times you see them is up to you!”

Brian Thomas managed 14 laps being (87miles in all) This saw him in 4th in the solo event.

Wayne Stevenson managed 12 laps (nearly 75 miles) this saw him come home in 7th place.

Great running guys! Well done!!