Race Results 2017

Wilmot Wander – 29th January 2017

Clashing with the cross country event people were left to choose which event to do this year and a small contingent went along to the Wilmot Wander – a 32 mile ultra around Derby. The event is organised by the scouts in Chaddesden so has a little unusual format. Although Andy Brooks came home with the second fastest time the results don’t reflect positions and it would not be so easy to work them out because… The entries are regarded as ‘teams’ (and further split into walkers and runners) and Andy, Harry and Shaun each ran in teams of 1, while Emma and Dean ran with a couple of non-striders but the group didn’t finish together so who got what I know not. The same with the team of Jo, Louise, Rebecca and Chris. But what the heck – they all did brilliantly on a very tough event. Well done guys! Did I miss anyone BTW?

Runner ‘Team’ Total Time
Emma Roe, Dean Ward 07:29:00
Jo Gregory, Louise Sugary, Rebecca Emerton, Chris Purslow 10:18:00
Shaun Cooper 05:07:00
Andy Brooks 04:29:00
Harry Sloan 05:38:00
Walker ‘Team’ Total Time
Bill Mitchell 07:48:00