Race Results 2017

County Cross Country Championships – 7th January 2017

A joint championship race with Nottinghamshire with both counties running in he same races but the results presented by county. A great time seem to be had by all with Pascale making the county team! Well done everyone.

8000m Senior/Vet Women
Pos   Time
7 Pascale Holden 28.31
38 Christine Ongoma 38.05
45 Sally Winterton 57.47
10000m Senior/Vet/U20 Men
Pos   Time
10 Robert Donald 31.21
17 Kenny Malton 32.14
46 Sam Pearch 36.13
110 Tim Bently 61.40
4000m U15 Girls  
Pos   Time
20 Sarah Bentley 16.47
4500m U15 Boys  
Pos   Time
7 Jake Martin 13.50